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“Our Signalling workforce is full-time, which allows us to invest time and money into their continual professional development and progression. This investment is key to our success and sets us aside from other suppliers by strengthening our employees’ capabilities, improving our business, and the quality of service we deliver.”

Vic Heath, Head of Signalling


We have experience delivering SMTH works across all Network Rail routes and are fully equipped with all tools and equipment to deliver the works. We can provide Supervisors (qualified as G110 Author/Checker) from the planning stage through to completion.

Signalling Installation Service

Our Signalling installation service caters for all types of New Works. These include; cable renewals, track circuit immunisation work, 4′ works, building new LOCs, new REBs, SSI wiring as well as modifications to existing interlocking systems.


Our staff are experienced in a range of POE, back drives and stretcher bars, allowing us to support complete builds, factory inspections, and commissioning handover. The Signalling and Telecoms division has a reputation for excellence and innovation. Our support network of senior team members lends itself to delivering high-end support solutions or complete fixed-price projects of all scales.

Signalling and Telecoms (S&T) Package

Our package offers a dedicated management team with experience in Delivery Support, Installation, IRSE Licensing & Assessment, Project Management & Consultancy, S&C, SMTH & G110 Support. We have staff with diverse skill sets and experience, allowing us to focus on all areas of Signalling and Telecoms works. Our team specialises in New Works, SMTH, and S&C, ideally positioning us to deliver at all project stages.

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For reliable project delivery, contact us today at 0330 113 0004. Led by Vic Heath, our experienced team of Signalling experts are ready to assist.


Victor Heath

Head of Signalling


Frequently Asked Questions

The Signalling Division offers a range of services, including SMTH works, Signalling installation, S&C, IRSE Licensing & Assessment, S&T Project Management & Consultancy, and S&T Delivery Support. The division provides a dedicated management team with diverse skill sets and experience, ideal for delivering all stages of Signalling and Telecoms works.

Investing in the professional development of Signalling employees strengthens their capabilities, improves business operations, and sets the company apart from other suppliers. Continual professional development ensures employees are up to date with the latest industry standards, enhancing the quality of service delivered.


Sheffield Maintenance Depot

Sheffield Maintenance Depot

As part of the Network Rail Framework Agreement for the Provision of Labour Services, RSS Infrastructure has been supplying signalling teams to assist in the regular depot maintenance and minor renewals

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