“At RSS Infrastructure, our mission is to make the rail and construction sectors safer and more efficient. We are dedicated to creating a level playing field for people of all backgrounds. Additionally, we strive to train and develop the next generation of infrastructure workers so that those from any background can have a successful career in the industry. Our efforts have earned us recognition and respect which demonstrates how dedication to creating a brighter future for everyone in the sector can be rewarded.”

Sean Harrison, Managing Director

Rail Partnership Awards SME of the Year

RSS Infrastructure (RSSI) was awarded the SME of the Year award in the 2018 Rail Partnership Awards, recognising organisations for their work to deliver a better railway. RSSI focuses on leading technological innovations that increase safety and productivity; their initiatives include the Semi-Automatic Track Warning System, Rostering and Fatigue Monitoring, Safe Driver Control Methods, a specialist Driver Awareness Warning System (DAWS) and Vehicle Tracking System (VTS).

Rail Business Safety and Security Excellence Award

RSS Infrastructure (RSSI) won the Safety and Security Excellence Award for their focus on leading technological innovations to increase safety, productivity and efficiency. Their initiatives include a Semi-Automatic Track Warning System, a rostering and fatigue monitoring system and a Driver Awareness Warning System for transporting their workforce to the site. RSSI has also developed an app to submit Close Calls, vehicle inspection reports and site inspection/end-of-shift reports.

Armed Forces Covenant Gold Award

In 2019, as part of Auctus Management Group, RSS Infrastructure was awarded the Armed Forces Covenant Gold Award. Richard Toy, CEO and John McDonough, Fleet Manager, attended the National Army Museum in London to receive the award. The company employs numerous Reservists, Cadet Force Volunteers and Veterans in their businesses and are avid supporters of The Royal British Legion charity. They have raised almost £60,000 since 2018 for the Royal British Legion.

MMA Wins Employer of the Year Award

RSS Infrastructure, as part of Auctus Management Group, is a proud member of the Midland Metro Alliance (MMA), which won the ‘Employer of the Year Award’ at Talent Match Black Country’s Annual Award and Celebration, as well as ‘Partnership of the Year’ at the British Construction Industry Awards 2018. Talent Match Black Country is a five-year investment programme to aid long-term unemployed young adults within the Black Country region.

Professional Services Award

RSS Infrastructure (RSSI) was awarded the Professional Services Award at the Birmingham Post Business Awards 2018 for their focus on leading technological innovations that deliver increased levels of safety and productivity; their initiatives include the Semi-Automatic Track Warning System, Rostering and Fatigue Monitoring and Safe Driver Control Methods. RSSI was selected as a finalist, with Wesleyan making the final decision.

Pioneering Equality Award

RSS Infrastructure (RSSI) received the ‘Pioneering Equality’ Award at the Social Value Portal 2021 ceremony based on the company’s safety, sustainability, and community engagement approach. RSSI’s sustainable recruitment initiative, ‘Journey into Rail,’ won the award for supporting Welsh Government and providing training and employment to the local community. Since 2019, the programme has produced 368 new frontline staff, with 28% from minority groups.

Our Continuing Commitment

RSS Infrastructure is proud to be recognised for our work in improving safety, efficiency, and ensuring people have the right skills to face the infrastructure challenges of tomorrow. We strive to create an environment that encourages collaboration, innovation and the sharing of best practices so that we can continue to be a leader in this field. We are committed to building a bright future where everyone has access to quality infrastructure across the UK.

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