Modern Slavery

The Auctus Management Group Ltd (AMG) of companies comprises of AMG; RSS Infrastructure Ltd and Infra Skills Ltd. As a Group, we recognise our obligations under the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and as Chief Executive Officer of AMG, I accept overall responsibility for commitment to the requirements of the Act.

AMG is committed to supporting the elimination of acts of modern slavery and human trafficking; accordingly, we confirm our commitment to the following:

  • UN Declaration of Human Rights
  • UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights
  • Core Conventions of the International Labour Organisation
  • Prohibition of forced or compulsory labour for employees, contractors, and sub-contractors
  • Prohibition of employees, contractors, and sub-contractors being forced into involuntary labour, coercion at work and/or financial penalty as a disciplinary sanction


Within our remit, we encourage others such as third-party suppliers with access to AMG or client property, systems or data, and any other parties working on behalf of AMG, to confirm their commitment also.

The measures we take to ensure this are as follows:

  • Employment models and checking processes deployed across our Group will be in line with legislation and best practice
  • A declaration to confirm support of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 will be contained in our updated supplier contracts and existing suppliers will be required to complete this declaration on renewal
  • Robust communications programmes to ensure all employees, and particularly those with procurement responsibility, are aware of their responsibilities
  • Our internal policy statement on the topic of modern slavery is available via our intranet for all employees
  • The concept of modern slavery is discussed within our induction programme and during specialist training courses we provide on the subject of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion


AMG considers that the adherence with the Act is a moral as well as a legal responsibility and is in line with the corporate values and ethical code which it promotes to all of the businesses within the Group.
This statement shall be reviewed on at least an annual basis and more frequently should circumstances require it.

Richard Toy
Chief Executive Officer
September 2020

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