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Health and Safety

Safety is in our DNA

“Everything we do relies upon the safety of our workforce and the communities around us. Our approach to health and safety is based on the idea of personal obligation and individual empowerment. We believe everyone will return home safely every day, and has a duty, to take care of themselves and those around them.”

Tony Ellis, Group Head of HSQE

Health and Safety, RSS Infrastructure

Staying up-to-date with safety briefs

At RSS Infrastructure, we monitor all safety briefs that are released to ensure that we can learn from past incidents and take action to increase safety for workers on-site in the future. We understand that every project is unique, and that’s why we create comprehensive safety plans and risk assessments for each project we undertake.

Our safety record speaks for itself

At RSS Infrastructure, we take pride in our safety record. By striving for perfection and continuous improvement, we have been able to create a culture of safety that is embedded in everything we do. Our safety practices have enabled us to deliver projects on time and within budget, while keeping our workers and stakeholders safe. Our commitment to safety has also enabled us to earn the trust of our clients, who know that they can rely on us to put safety first.

Health and Safety, RSS Infrastructure
Health and Safety, RSS Infrastructure

Going above and beyond regulatory requirements

We’re proud to be a leader in safety within the rail and construction sectors. Our safety practices are more than regulatory requirements, and we’re constantly evaluating and improving our procedures to make sure that we’re providing the highest level of safety for everyone involved.

Our Commitment to Safety

In conclusion, safety is in our DNA at RSS Infrastructure. We understand that safety is not just a requirement, it’s a responsibility, and we take that responsibility seriously. Our commitment to safety is demonstrated through our ongoing investment in training and development, our comprehensive safety plans and risk assessments, and our dedication to continuous improvement. With RSS Infrastructure, you can be confident that safety is always our main priority.

Health and Safety, RSS Infrastructure
Health and Safety, RSS Infrastructure

Investing in the future of safety

We recognise that safety is an ongoing process, and we’re committed to investing in the future of safety through our training and development programs. Our workers receive extensive safety training, and when combined with our commitment to continuous improvement, it means that we’re always striving to make safety our main priority on every project we are involved in.

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