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Arborists practice aerial tree rescue skills in South Wales

Arborists Practice Aerial Tree Rescue Skills in South Wales

Arborists are often required to work at heights, and aerial tree rescue skills are essential. As with any profession that involves working at height, there is a risk of accidents. In the event of an accident, those who have been injured must be assisted as quickly and competently as possible.

Aerial Tree Rescue Training Day

Aerial tree rescue training allows our arborists to practice the skills necessary to rescue their colleagues from trees should they become stranded or injured. The Arboriculture Stand Down Day, which took place in South Wales near Porth, covered all aspects of aerial rescue, from planning and preparation to execution and aftermath.

Dave White, Head of HSQE, joined the teams on-site and gave all attendees a health and safety talk. Filming for the next edition of HSQETV also took place on the day, and Dave spoke to several people about their roles and the purpose of the day in general. Interviewees included arborists, clients, and ecologists.

Addressing Skills Fade and Improving Confidence

The benefits of aerial tree rescue training include improved safety for both climbers and rescuers; the ability to safely rescue stranded climbers from trees; knowledge of how to use specialized equipment safely and effectively; and increased confidence.

Skills fade is an issue that must be addressed, and Stand Down days like these that focus on practising and sharing aerial tree rescue techniques are essential in accomplishing this. We are working to improve employee safety in a variety of ways, including through aerial tree rescue practice and training.

The Dangers of Working at Height

If you work at a height, practising aerial tree rescue techniques could be crucial in keeping you and your coworkers safe. Aerial tree rescue is a complex and potentially dangerous operation that should only be attempted by properly trained and equipped people.

Practising rescues regularly can help ensure that arborists are ready in the event of an accident and they have the skills needed to carry out a safe and successful rescue.

Not only does practice allow arborists with the necessary skills to rescue their colleagues, but it also allows them to do so in a safe and controlled manner. This can be invaluable in a genuine accident, as it can help improve confidence and minimise the risk of further injury.

Improving our Arborist’s Skills

As employers, we can be confident that our staff are appropriately trained and equipped to carry out safe aerial tree rescues. At the same time, employees can feel safe knowing they have the necessary skills to deal with potential emergencies. Therefore, aerial tree rescue training is essential to any arborist’s skills and can help ensure that those who work at height are kept safe and secure.

Graham Talbot, Head of Arboriculture, stated, “It is important to share knowledge with other arborists and improve techniques through practice. This way, we can ensure that our employees are always up-to-date with the latest aerial tree rescue techniques and have the confidence to carry out a safe and successful rescue should the need ever arise.”

Collaborative Work to Improve Aerial Rescue Techniques

The Arboriculture Stand Down Day was a collaboration between several organisations, including RSS Infrastructure, Transport for Wales and Network Rail. This allowed for sharing of knowledge and expertise between those working in arboriculture in the rail sector and helped improve safety standards across the board.

On the day, there were several competitions, such as identifying trees by their leaves, Latin and English names for the trees, and a highly competitive session of tag climbing through the semi-mature oak trees on the site.

This Stand Down day was organised by RSS Infrastructure and was wrapped up with a barbecue where everyone gathered to chat about the day and got the chance to get to know each other better. It was a great way to end a very successful day, and we are already looking forward to next year’s Stand Down Day.

About RSS Infrastructure

RSS Infrastructure’s Arboriculture division is a leading provider of arboriculture and vegetation management services across the UK. We are experts in all aspects of arboriculture and vegetation management and are passionate about safety. Our highly skilled and experienced arborists can work safely across the UK. For more information about our services, please visit our website or contact us at 0330 113 0004.

Remember, aerial tree rescue is an operation that should only be attempted by those who are appropriately trained and equipped.

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