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How Close Calls Make Your Worksite Safer

How Close Calls Make Your Worksite Safer

Close calls are an essential aspect of health & safety. At RSS Infrastructure, we understand the significance of identifying potential hazards and preventing accidents. In this article, we’ll explore how they can create a safer worksite and why reporting them promptly is crucial.

What are Close Calls?

Close calls refer to incidents where potential hazards are identified, and prompt action is taken to prevent accidents. These incidents are reported using various apps and reporting mechanisms, ensuring proper action is taken to address the issue raised.

The Benefits of Close Calls

Close calls are critical in creating a culture of safety on the worksite. By reporting, employees demonstrate that they care about their colleagues’ safety and the environment. This helps create a ripple effect that can positively impact the entire worksite.

Identifying Trends

Also, close calls allow companies to improve their safety protocols. Companies can analyse patterns and trends and implement new safety measures to prevent accidents. Companies can provide additional training or equipment to employees.

A Sign of Strength

Recognising and reporting issues is not a sign of weakness is essential. On the contrary, employees who report close calls demonstrate that they know their surroundings and are taking proactive steps to prevent accidents. Their actions show a level of responsibility and dedication we should be applauding.

Reducing Costs

Accidents can be costly, both in terms of human life and finances. Investigations must be carried out when accidents occur, and work may be delayed or even halted, leading to financial losses. By reporting close calls, companies can take action to prevent accidents from happening, reducing the costs associated with them.


Close calls are critical to creating a safe worksite. By reporting potential hazards and taking timely action, employees can prevent accidents, create a safety culture, and improve safety protocols. Companies that encourage reporting and take them seriously will always have a safer and more productive worksite.

At RSS Infrastructure, we prioritise safety above everything else. We encourage our employees to report promptly and take the necessary steps to address potential hazards. Doing so has created a safe working environment for our employees, clients, and the public.

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