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Axle Counter Installation Training

RSS Infrastructure’s Signalling division is installing the latest upgrade, the Axle Counter Installation, at DIRFT 3. We know that the UK railway system is continuously upgrading to enhance its safety and efficiency so the team at RSSI is receiving training from Karl Brackenbury, who is conducting the first-ever course in the UK on this technology.

Vic Heath, the Head of Signalling, emphasised the significance of these Axle Counters for the signalling system at DIRFT 3 in ensuring railway safety and efficiency. PINTSCH supplies the counters, part of the depot management system developed by Fenix Rail Systems.

Promoting Railway Safety

According to Vic, “PINTSCH focus on turning operational needs into technological solutions. By developing the axle counters, they have substantially contributed to improving the safety and efficiency of railway operations through an innovative approach.”

Axle Counter Installation Training

Training the RSSI team on installing and maintaining these axle counters is crucial to ensure proper installation and quick resolution of potential issues. The team receives constant support from PINTSCH, but familiarity and confidence with this new signalling technology when out on-site are essential.

The first-of-its-kind training course in the UK signifies the ongoing advancement and improvement of the rail infrastructure and the signalling teams responsible for its upgrade and maintenance. Further developments can be expected in the future.

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