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“RSS Infrastructure’s highly qualified possession management team is vital to any rail infrastructure project. We work with clients to reduce delays, and improve safety, productivity, and deadline adherence. We also offer safety-critical resource support and competencies to enable project success.”

John Byrne, Head of Rail Operation

We offer clients a complete Possession Management package, as well as bespoke safe work packs, isolations, line blockages, and individual worksite planning. Our clients’ package includes Engineering Supervisors, Controllers of Site Safety, Level Crossing Attendants, Points Operators, Protection Controllers, Possession Management, Possession Planners, Safe Work Planners, Isolations, Nominated Persons, Isolation Planners, Appointed Persons and Earthing Assistants. All our employees are experienced, qualified, and competent, meeting industry safety standards.

Possession Planning &  Management

Our team has the expertise to assist with possession planning, Pre-Possession Planning meetings, including PICOP briefing, possession documentation, SWP paperwork system creation and management, and Engineering Access Possession applications into Network Rail’s Possession Planning System (PPS). We also liaise with Network Rail, identify and eliminate potential conflicts within the worksite, manage cancellations, and plan and input Line Blockages to be published in the Weekly Operating Notice (WON).

We can plan isolations, make requests for approval of plans and ensure compliance with relevant paperwork; produce a Possession Plan (Access Tracker) for easy reference on-site status or future access needs; provide additional site visits to confirm relevant information when needed; submit Line Blockage applications; and provide weekly updates on worksite status and future access needs.

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John Byrne

Head of Rail Operations


As part of the tender planning process we can assist contractors appointed to carry out work or maintenance on the rail infrastructure to get the necessary approval for access from Network Rail.

A pre-possession planning meeting is a meeting held 30 weeks before the closure of a railway line to produce a Draft Period Possession Plan (DPPP). It is part of possession management and involves completing a Railway Business Case and Access & Resource Planning Change Request Forms (ARPCR). Attendance at all planning meetings from T-47 weeks to T-10 days is also required.

A PICOP briefing is a safety critical communications meeting held as part of pre-possession planning. The purpose of the briefing is to inform and explain what level of safety critical communications is required of personnel working on Network Rail infrastructure.

The Possession Planning System (PPS) is a system used by Network Rail to provide a safe, traffic-free worksite for maintenance activities. It helps with access planning and possession management by conducting daily checks of the PPS system, creating and managing SWP paperwork, delivering possession planning and risk management in line with Network Rail standards, completing a Railway Business Case and Access & Isolation Plan, and enabling better decision making to optimise trade-offs between possession and access planning.

The Safe Work Pack (SWP) system is a paperless process Network Rail uses to manage work risks. It helps effectively plan rail possessions and provides track workers access to safe work packs across different devices when managing maintenance tasks.

An Engineering Access Possession Application is a process Network Rail uses to provide a safe and traffic-free worksite. It defines the business planning process for engineering access, involving creating applications into Possession Planning System (PPS), liaising with Network Rail, and providing details of infrastructure train requirements. Its goal is to enhance engineering planning and possession efficiency.

To identify and eliminate worksite conflicts on UK rail infrastructure, possession planners use the Possession Planning System (PPS) to conduct daily checks of the system to monitor possessions and worksite applications and deliver railway possession planning in line with Network Rail standards.

Managing cancellations in UK rail infrastructure possessions requires identifying and eliminating conflicts at the worksite, planning and inserting line blockages into the Safe System of Work Planner (SSOWP), and accounting for cancellations when calculating Schedule 8 payments. Reviews should be conducted to identify potential issues with possessions or work site integration. As the UK’s rail timetable becomes more intensive, it is important to plan possessions effectively to minimise overruns.

Line blockages outside of possessions must be planned and scheduled at least 8 weeks prior. The Safe System of Work Planner (SSOWP) must provide information to ensure non-disruptive line blockages when trains are not running.

The Weekly Operating Notice (WON) on UK rail infrastructure is a document that outlines changes to the network arising every week, such as track renewals and major construction activity. An electronic copy of the WON can be obtained from a train operating company (TOC), and it should be used to ensure that track and train are all working to customer-focussed goals as outlined in the Big Plans Big Changes campaign.

We can assist in the process of planning and executing isolations on UK rail infrastructure. Our service includes possession planning and support, isolation management, and risk assessment. Isolations are necessary to provide a safe, traffic-free worksite for maintenance activities to be carried out.

A possession plan (also known as an access tracker) is a document used in possession planning and management on UK rail infrastructure. It is used to secure times for staff to safely access the rail infrastructure for inspection, maintenance, or other activities. The RAIVS tool takes data from Network Rail’s existing systems including the Possession Planning System, Delivering Work Within Possessions and Access Tracker, which are all part of the possession plan.

A site visit typically includes an assessment of the asset protection and optimisation needs, as well as an examination of the railway’s infrastructure such as earthworks, bridges, tunnels, steelwork, timber, and track. An experienced operative will be able to document the site accurately and identify any potential hazards or other issues unique to the worksite.

A line blockage application is a request to Network Rail for permission to work on the railway that requires line(s) to be blocked. The application must include details of the work, the portion of line concerned, and any additional protection required. It should refer to other submitted plans for Line Blockages to avoid duplicating applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

RSS Infrastructure provides Possession and Isolation Planning and Support, Signalling & Telecom, and Safety-Critical services for rail infrastructure projects.

RSS Infrastructure’s Possession Management package includes Safe Work Managers, Safe Work Leaders 1 & 2, Engineering Supervisors, Controller of Site Safety, Level Crossing Attendants, Points Operators, Protection Controller, Possession Management, Possession Planners, Safe Work Planners, Possession Support Staff, Isolations, Nominated Persons, Isolation Planners, Appointed Persons, Earthing Assistants, and OLEC 1, 2 & 3.

RSS Infrastructure can provide additional competencies to support rail projects, including COSS, Lookout/Site Warden, Hot Weather Track Patroller, Site Access Controller, Site Supervisor, Protection Controller, PTS Track-worker, Crane Controller, Engineering Supervisor, Hand Signalman, Machine Controller, Points Operator, Stressing Op Level 1, Stressing Op Level 2, Tandem Lift Crane Controller, and Handback Engineer.

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