Track Warning Services Use Paperless Safe Work Packs

Track Warning Services Use Paperless Safe Work Packs

As part of our ongoing commitment to look at ways of reducing waste and protecting the environment, RSS Infrastructure’s Track Warning Systems division went completely paperless for our Safe Work Packs.

Paperless Safe Work Packs

The Track Warning Systems team issued 25 Safe Work Packs (SWP) over 12 different sites across the UK in Rail Week 10. RSS Infrastructure’s in-house team developed an E-SWP system which brings many environmental benefits such as reduced CO2 emissions due to no collection being required.

Reduced need for physical interaction

The project also responds to Network Rail’s requirement for increased COVID-19 hygiene by reducing the need for physical interaction.

The following extract from Network Rail states; ‘4. Within a Depot or Yard. Before going to a depot, consider whether this could be avoided. Use electronic methods for transferring documentation where possible. Do not collect and return paperwork in person unless an area for collecting and returning paperwork is unavailable and electronic transfer is not possible.’

Head of Track Warning Systems, Jason Fidoe, commented:

‘There are numerous benefits to going paperless for our Safe Work Packs. One key point, apart from the environmental benefits, is that 100% of the packs are returned 100% of the time.’

Sean Harrison, Managing Director of RSS Infrastructure, said:

‘RSS Infrastructure continues to explore ways to innovate using technology, identify the right technology opportunities and develop an agile and responsive business that adapts to the changing needs within the Rail sector.’

For more information on Track Warning Systems and their work visit https://www.rssinfrastructure.com/track-warning-systems/

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