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Reducing the Skills Gap

In today’s dynamic environment, our workforce’s continuous training and upskilling is paramount. Investing in regular training ensures our businesses stay adaptable and ready to tackle the challenges of delivering first-rate solutions. A well-trained workforce gives us a competitive edge, allowing us to provide exceptional services that exceed client expectations. This dedication to training not only benefits our employees but also strengthens the organisation as a whole.

Specialist Training Provider

We work with leading training providers to ensure our workforce is well-versed and proficient in their respective sectors. These providers offer comprehensive services, including funded learning, apprenticeships, and occupational health services. They aim to deliver high-quality training and assessments with a client-centric approach backed by a diverse team of accredited professionals to guarantee optimal results.

Specialist Training on Small Tools at the Rail Training Area
Trainer working with learners at the dedicated Rail Training Area

Expertise in Sector-Specific Training

Our training partners have been recognised for their excellence in various courses, reflecting their commitment to high-quality professional training that aligns with national standards. They consistently uphold the standards set by accrediting and awarding bodies and demonstrate continuous improvement through their Quality Improvement Action Plans.

Comprehensive Training Catalogue

Our partners operate from multiple locations and offer training services for various sectors, ensuring the highest standards are met. Their training portfolio includes a wide range of competency training approved by recognised institutions.

Training session on rail grinder
First Aid Training session with practice dummy

Additional Training and Development

Understanding the demands of the industry, our training partners recognise the significance of talent acquisition, retention, and upskilling existing staff. They offer a range of additional services, including health and safety assessments, psychometric testing, diversity and inclusion training, first aid, and comprehensive assessments that evaluate workers on various competencies, providing feedback and pinpointing areas for development. All these efforts align with our commitment to continuous training and the development of our employees, aiming to bridge the skills gap in the infrastructure sector.

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