“As part of our Construction and Civils division, our Track Access team can supply, install, remove, reinstate or upgrade Road Rail Access Points (RRAPS) and Level Crossings. We can fit anti-trespass measures, install track lighting and carry out any de-veg work required – a complete solution for all your Track Access project needs.”

Dave Bamford, Head of Construction & Civils

Track Access and Lighting solutions to improve safety and productivity

Our dedicated teams have extensive experience in both deploying and the removal of Track Access systems, helping improve safety and increase productivity.

Road Rail Access Points (RRAPS) and Level Crossings

Road Rail Access Points (RRAPS) and Level Crossings allow workers to gain access to the nearest work site by road, without the problems of special routing. They protect the track structure by absorbing traffic impact loads, making them especially valuable to clients looking to enhance worktime objectives.

In 2017, RSS Infrastructure achieved a ‘Qualified by Audit’ status after receiving a 5-Star rating from Achilles RISQS following a successful audit of the OLE and Road Rail Access Points (RRAPS) divisions.

We can supply and install the following Track Access solutions:

  • Polysafe
  • Rosehill
  • Strail
  • Timber

Polysafe Level Crossings

Polysafe provides reliable heavy-duty level crossings and pedestrian bridleways that our team has vast experience in installing and maintaining. The level crossings can also be used in conjunction with a Road Rail Access Points to provide ease of access. The level crossing benefits from a rubber seal that completely insulates the steel frame of the panel, preventing short-circuiting.

Polysafe Level Crossings are strong and durable, giving them excellent longevity. Their innovative design features heavy-duty end restraints to eliminate any gaps. It fits around Pandrol clips and is supported by the strength of the rails. Water drains away quickly and helps reduce any rotting.

Polysafe Pedestrian Bridleways are simple to remove and replace during track maintenance. A high grip surface and clear lines make it very reliable for use by the public. The system can be unbolted and re-installed by hand.

Rosehill Crossing Systems

Rosehill provides several innovative solutions that our installation team are familiar with installing; Road Crossing Systems, Base Plated Systems, Rubber Beams and Anti-Trespass Systems. The panels reduce the number of crossing joints (the weakest point of a crossing) and improve platform stability.

  • Road Crossing Systems are designed for long crossings and can withstand heavy traffic. Panels can be removed or replaced efficiently.
  • Base Plated System is a versatile system that can be installed quickly. Perfect for track access and supplied in different grades based on the requirement.
  • Rubber Beams (also called cills or kerbs) provide an alternative to concrete kerbs on level crossings.
  • Anti-Trespass Systems are quick to install and provide a useful deterrent to trespassing and are Network Rail approved.

Strail Crossing Systems

Strail provides a range of Heavy Duty Level Crossing Systems and their product range includes; Premium Strail, INNOStrail, Ponti-Strail, Pedi-Strail and Velo Strail.

  • Premium Strail is used for high traffic level crossings and is suitable for all vehicle categories.
  • INNOStrail is an economic system suitable for medium to high load railway crossings.
  • Ponti-Strail is an extra-strong outer panel system suitable for all vehicle categories.
  • Pedi-Strail is lightweight and suitable for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Velo Strail has an inner panel which provides an even surface for pedestrians, cyclists and wheelchair users.

Bespoke Timber RRAP’s

The Timber RRAPs are ideal for use within slow or relief lines, as well as sidings, making them perfect for access points. Each Timber RRAP is delivered to a bespoke specification so that each design meets the requirements of the specific project, provide enhanced flexibility, in conjunction with a quick and easy installation.

Our specialist teams can repair or renew existing timber User Work Crossings. We can replace bearers, decking, trespass and cattle guards. We can also repair and maintain existing foot crossings, bridleways and footpaths as well as make improvements by installing sighting platforms, stiles and steps on request.

Timber Repairs

Our customers often need a bespoke timber crossing to be repaired or upgraded within the railway infrastructure. Our specialist teams can remove rotten wood or defective components, source, supply, and install replacement timbers cut to fit.

Problem areas that may need attention include:

  • Fishplates
  • Single or Double Checkrails
  • Turnouts
  • Switch & Crossings
  • Sidings & Depots
  • Bullhead Rail & Chairs

If appropriate, we can survey, supply and install alternative crossing solutions from Polysafe, Rosehill or Strail.

Additional Services

RSS Infrastructure’s Team offers a range of additional services including:

  • Cable Trough Protection
  • Magnetic Barrier Fencing
  • Managed Trackside Link Lighting
  • Routine Inspection Service
  • Temporary Embankment & Temporary Platforms
  • Track Access Lighting

Contact Construction and Civils

Contact us today on 0330 113 0004 to find out more about our Construction and Civils services, which includes Track Access and Lighting. Our experienced team, led by Dave Bamford, are available to discuss your next project.

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Meet the Expert

David Bamford
Head of Construction and Civils

Dave is Head of Construction & Civils and leads a multi-skilled team which are highly trained, competent and have extensive experience working on a wide range of Rail and Civils projects. David and his team have earned a reputation for safety, expertise and professionalism. The team are particularly adept at providing a variety of Track Access solutions including; Road Rail Access Points (RRAP), Level crossing work, UTX/URX and platform works for Network Rail, Tier 1 and Tier 2 contractors regularly. In addition to this, they also work with Local Authorities and commercial clients across the UK.

Meet the Expert
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“RSSI personnel who were involved with the works at Northam had to work through some of the worst weather conditions I have seen and continued to keep spirits high and had a fantastic work attitude allowing for the project to continue.”

Chris Courtenay – Signalling Supervisor (Infrastructure) for Colas Rail

“Thanks to RSSI we are on top of all movements every day with nothing outstanding. ”

Ryan Steel – Field Engineer (OLE England) at Amey

“RSSI assisted in the cable running shifts, preparation work including changeovers of the 8 x track circuits and the 10c, 27c and 4 x 48c lineside cables. Their quality of work, attitude and work ethic has been absolutely spot on. ”

Dan Palmer – Installation and Construction Engineer at Carillion Signalling

“Being able to work during the day with trains still running is fantastic for team fatigue. The use of an ATWS installed for the duration makes the job even safer and removes the need for Lookouts. Thanks to the guys from RSSI for installing and managing for us.”

Robert Woods – Senior Project Manager at Amey

“The RSSI personnel who worked on the Bilston Road Track Renewal project have been exceptional and played a major part in ensuring the works were completed on time and to budget.”

Paul Brown – Project Director for Midland Metro Alliance

“The De-Veg works that the Arboriculture team undertook was to a very high standard, the site looks 100% better and everybody my end is really happy with the service you provided. ”

Jamie Gibbons – Site Manager for S&C Alliance

“I have had a good walk along the fence line and I am very happy with the work carried out. All the over hanging trees and Limbs have been removed. Very good work. ”

Mike Gibson – Terminal Manager for Associated British Ports

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