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Geofencing for Worksite Management in Rail Operations

“Geofencing solutions seamlessly integrate into our service portfolio. RSSI TWS can provide all the services outlined in the Trackworker Protection and Warning Systems Standard, further solidifying our position as the leading provider of technical safety services in the industry.”

Jason Fidoe, Technical Manager

Services Delivered

RSSI is carrying out a re-sleeper project at Bromsgrove station and using geofencing technology in a pilot to offer additional protection to the workforce. Geofencing technology creates a virtual perimeter through digital coordinates that triggers an event when a user enters or exits a boundary. This technology can define safe and unsafe working zones and create virtual barriers around open lines. Realtime visibility of protection placement, OTP, people, and machines can help enhance worksite management and safety in rail operations.

Key Actions

  • Define safe working zones and create virtual barriers around open lines.
  • Provide real-time visibility of protection placement, OTP, people, and machines.
  • Monitor the movement and placement of machines, people, and equipment.
  • Enhance worksite management and safety in rail operations.
  • Offer bespoke planning services for geofencing solutions.
  • Supply geofencing wearables and OTP devices.
  • Provide training services for businesses implementing geofencing solutions.
Geofencing for Worksite Management in Rail Operations



Project Value

£4,043.38 per weekend


Track Warning Systems

Project Duration

3 x 56 hour blockades

Project Delivery

RSSI identified that a project like this could experience unsafe or incorrect site access, protection equipment placed in the wrong location, workers outside of safe working limits, and OTP or OTM in the wrong location. These events have the potential to injure staff or cause expensive investigations.

RSSI has leveraged geofencing technology to offer full visibility of operations in real-time, allowing for monitoring of the movement and placement of machines, people, and equipment. By defining safe working zones and creating virtual barriers around open lines, RSSI has ensured that workers operate within safe areas, preventing accidents or incidents from occurring.

Geofencing solutions ensure defined safe working zones, protection placements in the correct location, exclusion zones around hazards, full worksite visibility, notifications of runaway equipment, prevention of OTP from causing damage, comparison of planned and live location of equipment to ensure correct placement, and identification of vehicles entering the site from the wrong direction.

Geofencing technology helps prevent near-misses, incidents, and irregularities on the railway. Wearable devices worn by
track workers give them real-time alerts should they lose situational awareness and stray too close to virtual barriers. Additionally, the device can be attached to marker boards and OTP, providing a realtime view of worksites and ensuring that boards are correctly placed and all OTP is recovered at the end of the shift.

RSSI can provide planning services, equipment hire, worksite management,
safe working zones/exclusion zones, and training services to businesses
implementing geofencing solutions. RSSI can ensure high-quality planning and training services that are tailored to each client or worksite’s specific needs.

Geofencing technology can deliver all the services covered within the Trackworker Protection and Warning Systems Standard. Geofencing technology aligns with industry trends towards reducing warnings and increasing protection working methods.

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