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MMA Westside Extension

“I highly recommend the team at RSS Infrastructure. They always deliver on time and to the required standard, and their site operatives are always professional and courteous. All works carried out by RSS Infrastructure have been of a high standard.”

Martin Ponter

Services Delivered

Welding S&C Unit was contracted to work on Phase 2 of the Birmingham Midland Metro Alliance or MMA Westside Extension. The project involved the extension of the tram line from the Library to the Terminus at 54 Hagley road, covering a distance of 1.35km of twin track, embedded rail.

Key Actions

  • Welding S&C Unit completed all required welds while maintaining the factory-fitted stray current encapsulation/insulation
  • Stray current readings could have caused safety issues, but the team ensured the readings were within permissible values
  • The project was completed on time
  • Limited space was a challenge for the required profile grinding post-welding
  • All the finished welds met required standards
RSSI Welding on MMA Westside Extension


Hagley Road, Birmingham

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Project Delivery

The challenge for the project was completing the welds while maintaining the factory-fitted stray current encapsulation/insulation. There was a risk of stray current readings being outside of the permissible values, which could have caused safety issues for the tram line.

Despite these challenges, Welding S&C Unit successfully completed all the required welds without removing the factory-fitted encapsulation system. This achievement ensured that the safety of the tram line was not compromised, and the project was completed on time.

Another challenge faced during the project was limited space to complete the required profile grinding post welding. However, the team was able to overcome this by utilizing their expertise and experience to perform the necessary grinding, ensuring that the finished welds met the required standards.

Overall, the project was a success, and Welding S&C Unit proved their ability to complete welding works to a high standard, even in challenging circumstances. The team’s dedication and expertise were instrumental in ensuring that the tram line extension was completed safely and on time.

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