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Rail Industry Safety Spotlight Awards

Celebrating Innovation in Rail Industry Safety: Shortlisted for Spotlight Awards

We are delighted to share some exciting news: RSS Infrastructure, in partnership with Tended, has been shortlisted for the prestigious Spotlight Awards in the “Commitment to Safety” category. This nomination is a testament to our pursuit of enhancing rail industry safety, mainly through our pioneering “Geofencing for Rail” solution. This recognition is a significant milestone in our continuous efforts to revolutionise safety standards.

Geofencing Technology Transforming Rail Industry Safety

Geofencing technology stands at the forefront of transforming safety management practices. It involves setting up a virtual boundary that mirrors physical limits, which activates alerts whenever these boundaries are breached. This breakthrough bolsters safety measures and substantially improves situational awareness across the board.

Tailored Solutions: Geofencing for Rail

Working with Tended, we have utilised their cutting-edge technology to suit the unique needs of the rail industry. RSS Infrastructure’s “Geofencing for Rail” solution provides real-time warnings to workers when they leave designated safe zones. It also includes a comprehensive Planning Dashboard to map secure working areas. Adding an asset tracking feature further simplifies equipment monitoring, marking a significant leap in operational efficiency.

Wearable Devices: The Cornerstone of Rail Industry Safety

At the heart of the geofencing solution are the wearable devices – robust, easy to deploy, and capable of providing instant updates and alerts. These devices are crucial in reinforcing the safety of workers through improving situational awareness, underlining their importance in adding an extra layer of protection for lineside teams.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency with Precision

When tailored specifically for the rail sector, the geofencing technology includes rail-specific overlays for accurate zone demarcation. This precision streamlines operations and elevates project management standards, ensuring efficiency and safety go hand in hand.

Precision in Asset Management Tracking

Geofencing is pivotal in managing assets and ensuring precise location tracking of equipment. This aspect of the technology is crucial in minimising risks, such as leaving protection marker boards or rail trolleys on track at the end of a shift. It underscores our unwavering dedication to boosting safety and efficiency in the rail industry.

Hassle-Free Implementation through Managed Service

Recognising the challenges of adopting new technology, RSS Infrastructure offers clients a fully Managed Service. This service enables clients to seamlessly integrate geofencing technology into their rail operations without retraining staff or reallocating resources from their core activities.

Our skilled team will meticulously plan, coordinate, and oversee the implementation of this extra layer of protection. This ensures that your teams can concentrate on their tasks with the assurance that the Geofencing technology is deployed accurately and securely in your project.

We are delighted to share this significant accomplishment, and we will keep you updated on our journey with Tended towards fostering a safer, more efficient rail industry through the adoption of geofencing technology.

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