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RSSI and Tended Win Spotlight Awards for Commitment to Rail Safety

Enhancing Rail Safety: Recognition for Tended-RSSI Geofencing Breakthrough

In a significant stride towards enhancing rail safety, Tended and RSS Infrastructure (RSSI) was awarded the Commitment to Safety award at the 2024 SPOTLIGHT Rail Awards. This accolade recognised their innovative integration of geofencing technology within the rail sector, heralding a new era of safety protocols and practices.

The prestigious ceremony at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London recognises outstanding contributions to railway safety and progress. Among a cohort of esteemed nominees, including Frauscher UK, Siemens, and South Western Railway, Tended and RSSI stood out, illustrating the industry’s competitive and forward-thinking landscape.

Improving Rail Safety and Mitigating Risk

The partnership’s initiative, celebrated for its dedication to safety, dovetails with Network Rail’s guiding principle of “Everyone Home Safe Every Day,” which prioritises safety from the outset. The judges lauded the initiative’s alignment with this ethos by deploying geofencing technology to mitigate track worker risks as a pioneering step.

Commencing last year, the collaboration between Tended and RSSI focused on applying geofencing technology across rail projects, marrying Tended’s advanced solutions with RSSI’s extensive safety expertise. RSSI is equipped to manage geofencing comprehensively, offering dry hire and managed services, marking a robust approach to enhancing workplace safety.

Achieved Zero Accident Frequency Rate

The collaboration’s success in the SPOTLIGHT Rail Awards centred around a 2023 project that notably achieved a zero Accident Frequency Rate, among other significant safety milestones. This initiative ensured adherence to Network Rail’s Safety Standards and cultivated positive behavioural shifts among workers, heightening hazard awareness.

Enhancing Rail Safety, RSS Infrastructure

A Shared Vision for Rail Safety

Jason Fidoe from RSS Infrastructure reflected on the impact of Tended’s technology, stating, “Our collaboration uses Tended’s innovative solutions and our rail safety expertise to redefine industry safety standards. Our shared vision for a safer rail industry has been the driving force behind our joint success.”

Echoing Jason, Leo Scott Smith, CEO of Tended, expressed pride in their collaborative efforts to advance UK rail safety. “Our partnership with RSSI has been instrumental in exploring new frontiers of safety innovation. This accolade affirms the hard work of our teams and our ongoing mission to lead safety enhancements across the rail sector,” he said.

Elevating Rail Safety Standards

This award-winning collaboration between Tended and RSSI exemplifies how technological solutions like geofencing can significantly elevate safety standards within the rail industry. For those keen on exploring the benefits of geofencing technology and how it can enhance safety and operational efficiency in their next project, Tended and RSSI offer an insightful glimpse into the future of rail safety management.

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For any questions or enquiries about how geofencing technology can support your next project, please get in touch with Jason Fidoe at RSS Infrastructure. He is ready to provide detailed insights and guidance on implementing this groundbreaking technology to ensure your project’s success and safety.


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