Magnetic Fencing Project Goring Station

“The installation of magnetic fencing was essential for the safety of staff during the renewals project. RSSI’s magnetic safety barrier allowed for quick installation and recovery during short possessions, minimising any potential disruptions to the railway operations.”

Jason Fidoe, Technical Manager

Services Delivered

Colas Rail were carrying out a renewals project with ALO working at Goring Station, which involved blocking two lines while keeping the other two open at line speed. This posed a significant risk to staff working near the open lines. RSSI were contracted to install magnetic fencing to provide a safe barrier between the open and blocked lines, allowing the open lines to remain in operation during weekly railway operations.

Key Actions

  • Engaged with a local haulage company to deliver magnetic barrier fencing
  • Installed and recovered 528 metres of magnetic fencing with gaps left every 40 metres
  • Limited installation preparation reduced the staff required
  • Minimal ballast disturbance minimised staff exposure to ballast dust (Silicosis)
  • Potential CO2 reduction
Goring Station Magnetic Fencing Project | Magnetic Safety Barrier | RSS Infrastructure


Goring Station

Project Value



Track Warning Systems

Project Duration

4 Weeks

Project Delivery

RSSI delivered and installed 528 metres of Magnetic Fencing for Colas Rail’s renewals project with ALO working at Goring Station. The installation process was carried out during short possessions to minimise disruptions to the railway operations. The unique design of the magnetic fencing allowed for quick installation and recovery, enabling it to remain in place during weekly railway operations.

The installation also had added benefits such as reducing the staff required, minimising ballast disturbance, and potentially reducing CO2 emissions. The successful installation of the magnetic fencing provided a safe barrier between the open and blocked lines, ensuring the safety of the staff working on the project.

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