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The Design of Magnetic Safety Barriers

In this article, we discuss the design of magnetic safety barriers. Railway infrastructure can be a dangerous work environment, and protecting the workers who maintain and repair the tracks is paramount. That’s where the Magnetic Safety Barrier comes in – a simple and highly effective product – which is available to hire or buy from our Magnetic Track Safety Solutions division.

The philosophy behind the manufacturer’s design of the Magnetic Safety Barrier is marked by four key criteria: safety, design, simplicity, and technical feasibility.

Safety First Approach

The first criterion, safety, is of paramount importance. The system must protect workers on the track while being lightweight and free of sharp edges that could cause injury.

Adaptable Design

The second criterion is design, which aims to add as many features as possible to as few components as possible. The result is a visually attractive system, easy to transport and adaptable to the customer’s needs.

Simple to Assemble and Install

Simplicity is the third criterion, with the system consisting of as few components as possible to enable quick installation and dismantling without tools or aids. This approach makes installing and dismantling over 20 times faster than traditional methods, reducing costs and enhancing productivity.

Technological Innovation

The fourth criterion is technical feasibility, with the system utilising the latest 2D and 3D laser cutting technology and 2D and 3D bending. This methodology allows the components to click together without tools.

A Challenging Project

The engineers who developed the Magnetic Safety Barrier stated the project was challenging. The designers had to ensure that the system was both easy to use and highly effective while being lightweight and flexible enough to adapt to different track configurations. Additionally, the system had to meet industry standards for quality and safety, which required extensive testing and certification.

Despite these challenges, the Magnetic Safety Barrier has proven to be a highly effective solution for protecting workers on the track. It is safe, simple, and efficient, requiring minimal physical effort to install and dismantle. The system has been certified to EN 13374 (Class A) and Network Rail PA05 05085, ensuring that it meets the highest standards for quality and safety.


In conclusion, the Magnetic Safety Barrier is a testament to the power of design thinking and the manufacturer’s technical expertise. By prioritising safety, design, simplicity, and technical feasibility, the manufacturer has created a product that is both easy to use and highly effective, ensuring that railway workers can operate safely and efficiently. The system is widely adopted across the sector and is available to buy or hire from RSS Infrastructure to customers in the UK.


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