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DIRFT Freight Rail Depot

“The key challenge faced were supply chain issues which cascaded down during the initial phase of the work. We were able to adjust our programme to keep things moving as efficiently as possible, ultimately leading to the successful completion of the project. This required strategic problem-solving and a high degree of adaptability on our part.”
Dave Bamford, Head of Civils & Construction

Services Delivered

RSSI Civils & Construction division successfully completed the DIRFT Freight
Rail Depot project for their client, Fenix. Contracted for a sum of £122,000, the project spanned 36 days under the careful supervision of Andy Munday. Despite challenges related to material deliveries, RSSI demonstrated resilience and adaptability, ensuring the project’s successful completion.

Key Actions

  • Identified and addressed material delivery problem
  • Successfully installed all components of the civils aspect, including one
    rectification, which had no impact on the overall project
  • Adapted the project programme to accommodate initial supply chain
    issues, ensuring work continued timeframe
  • Collaborated effectively with the client to work around the supply chain issues



Werrington Grade Separation, RSS Infrastructure

Project Value


Werrington Grade Separation, RSS Infrastructure


Civils & Construction

Werrington Grade Separation, RSS Infrastructure

Project Duration

36 Days

Project Delivery

The project’s backdrop was a contract with the S&T department and Fenix,
which led to the RSSI Civils Division’s involvement with the civils aspect of the DIRFT Freight Rail Depot project.

Challenges arose in the form of late material deliveries which were linked to
supply chain issues that initially cascaded down through the project. This pushed back the project timeline, potentially impeding the client’s ability to complete the work. However, the team proved adept at navigating this problem. Rather than letting it hinder progress, they adjusted the programme to ensure that other aspects of the project continued unhindered.

This demonstrated their capability to adapt to situations and still deliver high-quality results.

Any issues or problems that arose were dealt with swiftly and without any
negative impact on the project, further evidencing RSSI’s commitment to quality and their client-focused approach.

RSSI’s collaborative efforts in dealing with the delivery problems were well appreciated by Fenix, adding value to the client relationship. The DIRFT Freight Rail Depot project is a prime example of RSSI’s ability to overcome obstacles and deliver successful results on time, even under challenging circumstances.

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RSS Infrastructure provides multi-disciplinary infrastructure services for the rail, civil and utilities sectors. With offices in Birmingham, Cwmbran, and Doncaster, RSSI works with several clients, including Network Rail, WMCA, Midland Metro Alliance, HS2 as well as Tier 1 & 2 contractors. Services offered include; Arboriculture, Construction & Civils, Magnetic Track Safety, Possession Management, Rail Operations, Safety-Critical Resource, Signalling, Track Warning Services, and Welding.


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