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Rail Safety Week: Aiming for a Safer Future with Innovative Technologies

Rail Safety Week: Aiming for a Safer Future with Innovative Technologies

Rail Safety Week is an industry-wide initiative that aims to bring rail safety to the forefront of people’s minds. Whether you work within the rail industry or use the railways for travel, safety affects us all. Rail Safety Week aims to keep safety firmly in the spotlight, sharing ideas and best practices across industry colleagues. 

This article will delve into the objectives of Rail Safety Week and explore recent safety innovations such as Automatic Track Warning Systems (ATWS), Semi-Automatic Track Warning Systems (SATWS), the ZKL3000RC Track Circuit Operating Device (TCOD) unit, and Geofencing Technology.

Automatic and Semi-Automatic Track Warning Systems

RSS Infrastructure, a leading supplier of Track Warning Services in the UK, has significantly invested in ATWS technology. ATWS and its variants, such as SATWS, are vital for improving track worker safety and productivity in the railway industry. These systems provide an audible and visual warning to workers of approaching trains or on-track vehicles, allowing them to move to a safe location and avoid the risk of accidents. ATWS reduces setup and take-down time, maximising the time spent on tasks. Additional features such as remote monitoring, adaptable warning distances, and integration with other systems further enhance these systems’ safety and productivity benefits.

ZKL3000RC Track Circuit Operating Device

The ZKL3000RC is a Network Rail-approved, preinstalled, remotely operated Track Circuit Operating Device. It enables rail workers to perform work efficiently and safely. The system can remain on track and be switched remotely in seconds, removing the need to enter the track to place or remove protection once installed. When switched on, it simulates a train in the section, causing the track circuit to show ‘occupied’, thus placing the protecting signals in danger. Immediately blocking the section enables rail workers to work efficiently and safely on the track.

Geofencing Technology

Geofencing technology is another innovative solution to ensure the workforce’s safety. This technology allows rail maintenance providers to plot highly-accurate geofences over worksites to map out safe areas of work and alert workers if they leave these safe working limits. If workers exit the geofence boundary, they are alerted in real-time, warning them of their potentially dangerous position. This technology helps to add an extra layer of protection to worksites by increasing workers’ situational awareness when they may have otherwise strayed into hazardous areas or onto an open line.


Rail Safety Week serves as a reminder of the importance of safety within the rail industry. The introduction of innovative technologies such as ATWS, SATWS, the ZKL3000RC TCOD unit, and Geofencing Technology are significant steps towards creating safer zones on the rail infrastructure. These systems not only enhance the safety of rail workers but also improve productivity by reducing setup and take-down time. As we continue to advance in technology, the future of rail safety looks promising, with the potential for even more innovative solutions to enhance safety within the rail industry.

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If you want to learn more about these innovative safety systems or how they can be implemented within your operations, please get in touch with us. The expert team at RSS Infrastructure’s Track Warning Services is ready to assist with your needs. They are dedicated to boosting safety and productivity across the UK rail infrastructure. 

Call 0330 113 0004 or email info@rssinfrastructure.com to discuss your next project and discover how these state-of-the-art technologies can enhance your safety measures. Remember, every step taken towards safety is a step towards saving lives.



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