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Wharf Road Development

“We understood the client’s urgency and the project’s ecological sensitivities. Our experienced team provided a survey and a pathway for future development in compliance with environmental standards.”

Alex Blundell, Principal Ecologist

Services Delivered

Avaro Midlands Limited contracted the Ecology Services Division of RSSI for an ecological survey of the Wharf Road Development at Kings Norton, Birmingham. The £1.6k project spanned three weeks and was essential to secure planning permission to construct 14 residential dwellings. The previous survey had expired, and the newly acquired land’s canal-side location posed access difficulties, halting the client’s development efforts.

Key Actions

  • An updated ecological survey was conducted to support the planning application.
  • Addressed the challenge of restricted land access due to the canal towpath.
  • Ensured safety by implementing a buddy system for all canal-side work.
  • Performed a Phase 1 habitat survey utilising modern mapping technology and data from the Local Records Centre.
  • Prepared a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA) report.
Ecological Survey for Wharf Road Development in Kings Norton


Wharf Road, Kings Norton

Project Value




Project Duration

3 Weeks

Project Delivery

The project required a qualified and experienced ecologist to lead on-site visits and conduct comprehensive surveys. The team’s competencies in ecological assessments were augmented by tablet technology for mapping and accessing Local Records Centre data. Despite the ongoing nature of the project and the anticipation of further recommendations, the value delivered thus far has been in re-establishing the viability of the client’s development plans in an environmentally compliant manner.

While the project report is pending finalisation, initial feedback suggests that the work conducted will greatly facilitate the client’s planning permission process.. Additionally, recommendations for further ecological work indicate RSSI’s thorough and proactive approach, providing the client with a comprehensive ecological framework for their development project.

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