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Werrington Grade Separation

“The ZKL 3000 RC has proved to be a game-changer, allowing us to activate the track circuit remotely and instantaneously, eliminating the need for manual deployment of staff and significantly reducing the time needed to place and remove line blockage protection.”

Lewis Barett, TWS Installation Manager

Services Delivered

Werrington Grade Separation was a railway construction project which involved the excavation and transportation of over 50,000m3 of soil and clay to construct a new dive-under underneath the East Coast Main Line. The project was executed by Morgan Sindall with support from RSSI Civils & Construction.

The project faced challenges in deploying additional line blockage protection, which was taking too long to place and reducing the available working time within the line blockage. Additionally, the work was either falling behind or being pushed to nights. As Simon Fuller, the Project Manager, explained, “We needed a solution that was safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly.”

To address these challenges, RSSI Track Warning Services were approached to design, install, and switch ZKL 3000 RC, a Remote T-Cod System. The ZKL 3000 RC is a device that activates the track circuit and shows the section of the line it is deployed upon as occupied. When the track circuit is occupied, this triggers the protecting signals to a red aspect, stopping any trains from entering the section of the line in which it is deployed and simulates a train in that section on the signaller’s panel. The ZKL 3000 RC can be operated remotely by the push of a button via an app or dedicated handheld device, preventing the need to deploy staff.

Key Actions

  • RSSI TWS were approached to design, install, and switch ZKL 3000 RC.
  • The ZKL 3000 RC was installed on the up and down Stamford lines.
  • The RSSI ZKL planner worked with Peterborough PSB LOM to ensure
    additional routes (track circuits) were not affected by the ZKL deployment.
Installation of ZKL3000RC TCOD unit at Werrington | Track Warning Services | RSS Infrastructure



Project Value



Track Warning Systems

Project Duration

17 Weeks

Project Delivery

To ensure the success of the project, the RSSI ZKL planner worked with the Peterborough PSB LOM to ensure additional routes (track circuits) were not affected by the ZKL 3000 deployment. The ZKL 3000 RC was then installed on the up and down Stamford lines. With this system in place, the project achieved several benefits, including safer working conditions, peace of mind, cost savings, environmental sustainability, and increased productivity.

Safer working conditions were achieved by not having to deploy staff to place additional protection, reducing the risk of human error. Peace of mind was achieved by being able to check the protection remotely with the signallersmart device, reducing the risk of human error. Cost savings were achieved by not requiring additional trained and competent staff.

The project was also better for the environment as there was no need for travelling to and from access points in vehicles to place protection, thereby reducing the carbon footprint. Finally, productivity increased as the system saved time by not having to place additional protection, which was up to 30 minutes per line blockage, adding up to a significant amount throughout the day and resulting in increased productivity.

In conclusion, Werrington Grade Separation successfully embraced the use of new technology to assist the project in completing their operations safely and effectively. The implementation of the ZKL 3000 RC has significantly reduced the risk of accidents, increased productivity, and achieved environmental sustainability.

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