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Skanska SAS13 Temporary Bridge Foundations Project

“The team’s dedication, discipline, and technical acumen led to the successful delivery of a demanding project on time and to a high standard.”

Dave Bamford, Head of Civils & Construction

Services Delivered

In Washwood Heath, Birmingham, RSSI’s team was tasked with constructing temporary foundations for a 95m single span weathering steel truss bridge, a project named SAS13. Our client, Skanska, entrusted us with a challenging scope of work, which included excavations, steel fixing, construction of temporary works, concrete pouring, and reinstatement works.

Key Actions

  • Excavated two pile caps (14m x 7.8m x 1.2m) and eight trestle pads (3.6m x 3.6m x .5m)
  • Executed steel fixing for two pile caps, involving 16t of steel each
  • Constructed temporary works using Minima Formwork
  • Conducted a concrete pour for pile caps and trestle pads, amounting to 300 m3 of concrete
  • Undertook reinstatement works of Area 5 to Highway Standards
Skanska SAS13 Temporary Bridge Foundations Project



Project Value



Civils & Construction

Project Duration

2 Months

Project Delivery

The SAS13 Temporary Bridge Foundations project was a complex task that necessitated precision and expertise in various aspects of construction. Our team, under the excellent leadership of the RSSI Construction Manager, rose to the challenge and successfully delivered on all fronts.

Our tasks began with the excavation of two large pile caps and eight trestle pads. Following this, the team managed to fix 16 tons of steel into each of the two pile caps, a task demanding meticulous precision and safety precautions.

Using Minima Formwork, we built temporary works, demonstrating our adaptability to different construction methods and systems.

The next phase involved a significant concrete pour for the pile caps and trestle pads, which required exact measurements to ensure the stability of the temporary bridge foundations.

Finally, we carried out reinstatement works in Area 5 to meet Highway Standards, underscoring our commitment to restoring and improving the infrastructure of the sites we work on.

Despite the project’s challenges, our team’s hard work and commitment enabled us to deliver the project as per the program and to a high standard, reinforcing our reputation as a reliable and efficient construction partner.

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