River Avon Bridge Inspection

RSS Infrastructure (RSSI) supported Morgan Sindall in undertaking an inspection for assessment of a large truss bridge using roped access techniques for access to a fast-flowing tidal river. The approach to the job was excellent, with pre-site visits undertaken and all potential safety hazards considered and taken seriously. The readiness, engagement and diligence towards the high-risk tasks were key to its successful delivery ahead of the programme.”

David Friend, Project Manager, Western Structures

Services Delivered

RSSI undertook a critical River Avon Bridge Inspection project valued at £18,580.83 over three days to support our client, Morgan Sindall. This project revolved around inspecting a railway bridge over the River Avon to identify defects and plan remedial works. Due to the bridge’s height and location, traditional inspection methods were unsuitable, leading to the involvement of Rope Access Specialists (RSSI) for their expertise in rope access techniques.

Key Actions

  • Engagement with Rope Access Specialists (RSSI) for specialised bridge inspection.
  • Utilisation of rope access methods for safety, speed, and adaptability.
  • Detailed planning involving client interaction, site walks, and safety evaluations.
  • Consideration of rigging, rescue procedures, and working over water during planning.
  • Continuously focus on hazard mitigation and the safety of the inspection team.
Bristol bridge case study


River Avon

Project Value



Industrial Rope Access

Project Duration

3 Days

Project Delivery

The project’s delivery hinged on a comprehensive approach to tackling inherent risks and logistical challenges. The team, consisting of five members, including rope access expert Paul Morse and Lead Engineer James Woollard, adopted a methodology focused on safety and collaboration.

This approach included:
Continuous engagement with Morgan Sindall for a collaborative effort.
Addressing high-risk factors by employing rope access techniques suited for the challenging environment.
Implementing a dynamic planning process that accounted for environmental factors and logistical complexities.

Ensuring rigorous safety measures for working at height and over water.

The client commended the execution of the project, emphasising the RSSI team’s preparedness, commitment, and meticulousness in addressing the high-risk aspects of the task. The success and timely completion of the project was attributed to the detailed pre-site visits and the proactive identification and management of safety hazards. The client specifically lauded the proficient use of roped access methods for inspecting the expansive truss bridge spanning the fast-flowing tidal river, acknowledging the outstanding strategy and execution of the work.

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