Working To Reduce Our Impact

RSS Infrastructure is committed to economic and social well-being through ethical and sustainable practices. Our telematics system reduces C02 emissions, costs and improves environmental impact. We promote staff recycling, PPE recycling initiatives, work to reduce noise pollution near residential areas. We protect local wildlife and control invasive species. We audit our supply chain for ethical/sustainable practices.


We are committed to enhancing Britain’s economic and social well-being through our expertise by engaging with clients, workers and community and working towards ethical and sustainable practices.

Noise Pollution

We actively advocate the use of LOWS, SATWS & ATWS in the rail industry which help reduce noise pollution by limiting any warning noise to either a short siren or a series of short sharp blasts on the horn. These systems alert workers of fast-moving trains and ensure their safety. We have adopted the use of battery powered chainsaws to reduce noise in residential areas where possible. We are actively looking at ways to reduce our impact on our work site or lineside neighbours.

Road to Safety

We have implemented a telematics system into our fleet that monitors speed, location, braking, fuel consumption, mileage and emissions. This information helps us reduce C02 emissions, fuel/vehicle maintenance costs and improve environmental impact.

Bio-Diversity & Ecology

We are dedicated to finding sustainable solutions for environmental issues to protect local wildlife, remove and control invasive species, and train personnel in relevant techniques including; removing sharps and needles and safe asbestos removal practices.

Reducing Waste

We encourage staff members to recycle plastic, aluminium cans or paper waste. Additionally, we’ve invested in tablets for our contractors to use interactive forms while on-site to reduce the use of paper-based packs. Our PPE recycling initiative ensures it is reused or donated to local rail heritage sites.

Supply Chain Management

We engage with our supply chain to ensure they adopt policies and procedures in line with our Corporate Social Responsibility model and audit them for improvement purposes. We prioritise encouraging customers, suppliers and all business entities towards ethical and sustainable practices.