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Nottingham Tram Extension

“Through our collaboration with the civil teams and leveraging our extensive experience within the light rail sector, we were able to overcome significant obstacles, accelerate the installation phase, and create lasting value for our client.”

Karl Dean, Head of Welding, RSS Infrastructure

Services Delivered

RSS Infrastructure’s Welding Division successfully led a significant project on behalf of the client, Taylor Woodrow Alstom JV. The project was the Nottingham Tram Extension 2012-2015, worth a staggering £570,000,000 and spanning 3.5 years. The extension involved more than doubling the size of Nottingham’s tram network with new tracks and tram stops. Despite initial challenges, the RSS team accelerated the project timeline and delivered exceptional value to the client.

Key Actions

  • RSSI supplied experienced welding teams who swiftly expedited the installation phase after resolving formation issues.
  • Successfully handled increased resource requirements to meet the demands of the accelerated schedule.
  • Developed a collaborative relationship with civils teams over a two-year period.
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Project Value




Project Duration

3.5 Years

Project Delivery

The project entailed significantly expanding Nottingham’s tram network, including installing over 2800 Aluminothermic welds. Initially, the client faced challenges due to issues with unmapped utilities and quality issues around the concrete supplied, which had the potential to increase overall project spend and extend the program’s timescales.

In response to these challenges, RSSI provided a team of skilled professionals from their Welding Division. This team expedited the installation phase once formation issues were resolved.

Despite the challenge of supplying the increased resources needed to meet the demands of acceleration, the team could effectively and efficiently manage the situation. The successful delivery of this project resulted in considerable value added for the client. By pulling back delays associated with the unmapped facilities and aggregates problems, the team saved valuable time and ensured a defective rate of less than 1%. This project is a testament to the expertise, dedication, and collaboration RSSI consistently brings to their work.

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