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ECM8 Track Renewal System

“TWS has planned and designed six ATWS sites installed, operated and recovered in line with the agreed ECM8 Track Renewal programme. The project has been managed on-site by Moyna Bateman.”

Jason Fidoe, Technical Manager

Services Delivered

Network Rail’s High Output team in Newcastle has been assigned to perform TRS track renewals on ECM8 in Scotland. The TRS technology can renew a quarter-mile of track overnight, but the work cannot be carried out without deploying a Track Warning System to ensure the safety of the workers.

Key Actions

  • High Output Newcastle needed a Track Warning System (TWS) to carry out ECM8 track renewal works safely
  • TWS installed six Schweizer LYNX ATWS sites to address the safety concerns
  • The equipment’s radiographic feature reduced the need for human resources and travel
  • The LYNX system provides an audible and visual warning to staff
  • TWS significantly improved safety and efficiency in railway track renewal works
TWS installed six Schweizer LYNX ATWS sites to support High Output Newcastle on ECM8 Track Renewal Works



Project Value



Track Warning Services

Project Duration

9 Weeks

Project Delivery

The Track Renewal System (TRS) is capable of renewing a quarter mile of track overnight, making it ready for morning commuters. This is done by using the TRS machine during the night, while High Output takes possession of the line. However, this poses a significant risk to the worksite, as the adjacent line remains open to trains. Therefore, Network Rail High Output Newcastle cannot carry out the track renewal works without a Track Warning System (TWS) being deployed.

To address this concern, the RSSI Track Warning Services (TWS) department designed and implemented six Schweizer LYNX ATWS sites, which are installed, operated, and recovered in line with the agreed program.

Moyna Bateman has led this project on-site, relocating to Scotland for its duration. The Schweizer LYNX equipment’s radiographic feature has enabled the installation and recovery of the sites with fewer human resources, reducing travel requirements from Birmingham to Scotland.

The RSSI TWS had to remain flexible with the installation and recovery plan to enable Network Rail High Output Newcastle to over or underachieve their works every week. Newcastle High Output has been able to deliver their Track Renewal System core works with the assurance that staff will receive an audible and visual warning of any approaching trains.

Overall, the implementation of the Track Renewal System and the Track Warning System has significantly improved the safety and efficiency of railway track renewal works.

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