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DIRFT Rail Freight Depot Project

“The project presented unique challenges but was a prime example of our team’s ability to deliver exceptional solutions under demanding conditions.”

Simon Capper, Rail Operations, RSS Infrastructure

Services Delivered

The Rail Projects division of RSS Infrastructure (RSSI) was appointed to lead this aspect of the DIRFT project, a ten-day assignment valued at £80,000. The client required the installation of 28 cable management sleepers to facilitate additional cable runs for a newly implemented point control system.

Key Actions

  • Conducted a thorough analysis of the client’s needs and the site’s existing
  • Developed a comprehensive project plan for the installation of the 28 cable management sleepers
  • Coordinated access to the project site, enabling the safe installation of
  • Employed protective methods and innovative solutions to avoid disruption to the freight terminal operations
  • Ensured no train delays through efficient work scheduling and constant
    communication with the freight terminal team
DIRFT Rail Freight Depot Project



Project Value



Rail Operations

Project Duration

10 Days

Project Delivery

The RSSI’s Rail Projects division led the DIRFT project to help install a new system for controlling point movements. To feed the cables for this system, the client needed 28 cable management sleepers installed.

The main challenge faced by the client was that they required additional cable runs for the new system, which was affecting their ability to complete the work. RSSI provided a solution for this by arranging all the access necessary for installing the sleepers. The team comprised of various members including Site Supervision, COSS, TCM, Track Ops, and Handback personnel. We also supplied a CC with RRV.

One significant challenge faced during the delivery of the solution was ensuring no train delays while working alongside the freight terminal. Despite this, RSSI was able to deliver on time and on budget by implementing efficient protection methods and innovative strategies. The RSSI team’s effective communication and coordination with the freight terminal team ensured minimal disruption to operations.

By the end of the ten-day project, RSSI had successfully installed all the required cable management sleepers, enabling the client to move forward with their point control system installation and restore full productivity.

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