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Coping Stone Adjustments

“We had challenges with both access and storage. To obtain the design platform clearances, we used a platform gauge and spirit levels when reinstating the coping stones on a fresh 25mm mortar bed.”

Dave Bamford, Head of Civils & Construction

Services Delivered

RSSI Civils & Construction division worked with the CRSA to remove and reinstate coping stones across the station platform in several separate locations. The adjustments had a number of lifts and lowers to achieve the required horizontal & vertical formation.

Key Actions

  • Established site access point and worksite with safe storage area
  • Transported materials to site before commencing work to improve efficiency
  • Worked to a limited timeframe
  • Removed and reinstated coping stones on the Down Fast Road to achieve specified design platform clearances
Coping Stone Adjustments



Project Value



Civils & Construction

Project Duration

3 Shifts

Project Delivery

Poor access and a lack of storage space for materials were the two main issues. The only track access was at Headstone Lane, which was over a mile away, and materials were transported using hand-trolleys the week before the adjustments were needed. The only safe storage was at the platform’s far end, in the 10ft area, where supplies were properly stored and a space created for our team to work.

We adjusted the Coping Stones, using access via the station, with hand tools and small plant, as well as establishing a work station for the cement mixing area, which was over 100 yards away from our work site.

Before removing any stones or tactiles, we checked all of the platform gauges. While old mortar was removed from the platform base, the coping stones were removed and placed in a suitable storage space. To protect the ballast from pollution, such as falling rubble and new mortar, a geotextile was laid over it.

The Civils team re-laid the platform coping stones on a new 25mm mortar bed and adjusted the clearances as needed to meet the design platform specifications. This was accomplished with the use of a platform gauge and spirit levels. The tactile was then reinstalled on a fresh mortar bed with newly installed platform coping stones.

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