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Cat 1 Re-Rail Project

“This project required precise planning, efficient execution, and a dedicated team to deliver the desired outcomes within a restricted timeframe. Our collaboration with the client and the expertise of our team ensured a successful and safe completion.”

John Byrne, Head of Rail Operations

Services Delivered

Cat 1 Re-Rail is a Rail Operations project that was undertaken by RSSI for Network Rail. The project involved the replacement of 10x 709ft rails and stress for handback over a weekend blockade due to excessive wear on the rail. The overall objective was to ensure the safety and efficiency of the railway system through essential maintenance and the provision of necessary personnel.

Key Actions

  • Assessed rail condition, identifying excessive wear.
  • Developed comprehensive project plan for rail replacement and stress for
  • Organised weekend blockade to minimise railway disruption.
  • Supplied necessary personnel: ES, Supervisor, COSS, STM, Handback personnel, and Stressing experts.
  • Coordinated with Network Rail to ensure safety protocol adherence
  • Implemented rigorous safety measures to mitigate risks.
  • Executed rail replacement and stress activities as per schedule.
  • Monitored progress and work quality.
  • Completed project within one-week timeframe.
Cat 1 Re-Rail Project



Project Value



Rail Operations

Project Duration

7 Days

Project Delivery

The project required the replacement of 10x 709ft rails due to excessive wear, posing potential safety risks. Additionally, stress for handback was necessary to ensure the newly installed rails were correctly adjusted and met the required specifications. Given the critical nature of the work, a weekend blockade was scheduled to minimise disruption to regular train services.

Our team collaborated closely with Network Rail to develop a comprehensive
project plan. This plan included a detailed assessment of the rail condition,
identifying the specific locations requiring replacement. It also outlined the precise activities involved in stress for handback to ensure optimal rail performance.

To execute the project, we provided a dedicated team of skilled personnel. This team included an Engineering Supervisor (ES), Supervisor, Controller of Site Safety (COSS), Safe Track Monitor (STM), Handback personnel, and Stressing experts. Each role played a crucial part in maintaining safety and efficiency throughout the project.

During the weekend blockade, our team adhered strictly to safety protocols and industry regulations. Measures such as work area protection, personal protective equipment (PPE), and constant monitoring of the worksite were implemented to mitigate risks and prevent accidents. Regular communication and coordination with Network Rail ensured smooth progress and timely decision-making.

The rail replacement and stress activities were executed according to the planned schedule, with our team working efficiently to meet the project’s objectives. Continuous monitoring of work quality and progress was maintained throughout the duration, ensuring adherence to the highest standards.

The project was successfully completed within the designated one-week timeframe, delivering the desired outcomes of improved rail safety and enhanced network reliability. The collaborative effort between our company and Network Rail, combined with the expertise of our skilled team, resulted in a safe and successful project delivery.

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