Birmingham New Street Vegetation Clearance

“Network Rail has always prioritised the safety and efficiency of our railway network. By partnering with the RSSI Rope Access department, we addressed the critical issue of overhanging vegetation at Birmingham New Street, ensuring a safer environment for all.”

Matthew Traynor, Project Manager, Network Rail

Services Delivered

The RSSI Rope Access department was contracted by Network Rail to address the issue of overhanging vegetation at Birmingham New Street Train Station. The project aimed to ensure the safety and efficiency of the Overhead Line Equipment (OLE) by removing vegetation that posed a potential electrical hazard. The project was completed within four weeks.

Key Actions

  • Identified and removed vegetation encroaching on the OLE
  • Employed rope access techniques to access hard-to-reach areas
  • Swiftly removed overgrown vegetation, ensuring minimal disruption to station operations
  • Completed the project seamlessly, on time, and to programme
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Project Value



Industrial Rope Access

Project Duration

4 Weeks

Project Delivery

The project’s background stemmed from Network Rail’s proactive approach to maintaining the safety and efficiency of their OLE at Birmingham New Street Train Station. The primary concern was the overgrown vegetation intruding upon the OLE, posing a significant electrical hazard. Recognising the gravity of the situation, Network Rail promptly sought the expertise of the RSSI Rope Access department. RSSI provided an effective solution by employing rope access techniques, allowing the team to access challenging areas easily.

The highly skilled RSSI team swiftly removed the overgrown vegetation, offering a practical, cost-effective solution. This approach ensured the safety of the railway infrastructure and enhanced the station’s visual appeal for passengers and staff.

The project was executed seamlessly, with the teams completing the work scope on time and according to the planned programme, highlighting the collaboration’s value and efficiency.

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