Manea Wheel Timber Replacement

Services Delivered

Taziker was awarded a contract to replace life-expired wheel timbers on a series of bridges in the Manea area between Ely and March. Signalling cables were contained within a plastic trough route on both sides of the bridges. These cables had to be removed and secured to access the wheel timbers under the bridge deck surface. In addition, throughout the project, it was necessary to disconnect, reconnect and test track circuit equipment during each weekend possession, as well as meet bonding requirements. As a result, the decking had to be removed before accessing the wheel timbers.

Key Actions

  • Identified potential project issues in collaboration with Taziker
  • Created an Interface Network Map outlining responsibilities, objectives, deliverables, stakeholders, methodology, milestones, resources, cost, and access
  • Obtained sign-off on the project execution plan from Taziker
  • Secured cables with ratchet straps, removed trough route and provided trained personnel for disconnections, reconnections, and testing
  • Provided staff for site visits, whiteboard meetings, and creating task briefs and maintenance test plan lists
  • Deployed signalling team from nearby locations to reduce travel times and fatigue



Project Value




Project Duration

12 Weeks

Project Delivery

RSS Infrastructure (RSSI) and Taziker collaborated to identify potential issues that could affect the project’s schedule, cost, quality, and safety. Using the information gathered, RSSI created an Interface Network Map that detailed responsibilities, project objectives, deliverables, stakeholders, methodology, milestones, resources, cost, and access. Taziker then signed off this path.

RSSI secured the cables with ratchet straps, removed the trough route, and provided skilled personnel with Maintenance Tester and equipment-specific training to complete the disconnections, reconnections, and testing. Additionally, RSSI provided staff for site visits, whiteboard meetings, and creating task briefs and maintenance test plan lists.

The signalling team provided the necessary staff resources for operatives to understand project requirements thanks to RSSI’s planning. The team was deployed from nearby locations, which reduced travel times and fatigue, resulting in the project being delivered on time and within budget.

About Us

RSS Infrastructure provides multi-disciplinary infrastructure services for the rail, civil and utilities sectors. With offices in Birmingham, Cwmbran, and Doncaster, RSSI works with several clients, including Network Rail, WMCA, Midland Metro Alliance, HS2 as well as Tier 1 & 2 contractors. Services offered include; Arboriculture, Construction & Civils, Magnetic Track Safety, Possession Management, Rail Operations, Safety-Critical Resource, Signalling, Track Warning Services, and Welding.


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