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Frouds Lane RRAP Removal

“We were able to provide the client with real-time insight into the Frouds Lane project via our app. Shift reports and images were available to them almost instantly. It is a very useful and innovative tool.”
Dave Bamford, Head of Civils & Construction

Services Delivered

Civils and Construction provided a Track Access team to decommission a RRAP at Frouds Lane and move it to a storage area within the compound. The team also removed the concrete, including the ramp, which a third-party supplier recycled. The works were carried out under an Any Line Open plan.

Key Actions

  • Cut the slab with a road saw
  • Remove the trough protection
  • Under ALO, remove concrete slab
  • Remove concrete ramp and waste materials from site
Frouds Lane RRAP Removal Project | Civils & Construction


Frouds Lane

Frouds Lane, RSS Infrastructure

Project Value


Frouds Lane, RSS Infrastructure


Civils & Construction

Frouds Lane, RSS Infrastructure

Project Duration

3 Weeks

Project Delivery

RSS Infrastructure’s Track Access division was responsible for decommissioning a Road Rail Access Point (RRAP), which involved the removal of concrete, including a concrete ramp. The debris was stored within the compound and later removed and recycled by a third-party supplier contracted by RSSI for use in additional sub-bases.

The works were carried out under an Any Line Open plan and completed over two weekend shifts and two midweek day shifts, meeting the project’s time and budgetary requirements.


Real-time insight into the inspection was provided to the client through a mobile application utilised by RSS Infrastructure. The application generated shift reports with visual evidence of the works, which were uploaded into cloud storage for multiple users to access.

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RSS Infrastructure (RSSI), based in Birmingham, Cwmbran, and Doncaster, provides infrastructure services for the rail, civil, and utilities sectors. They serve clients like Network Rail, WMCA, HS2 and Tier 1 & 2 contractors. Their services include Arboriculture, Civils and Construction, Geofencing, Industrial Rope Access (IRATA), Magnetic Track Safety, Rail Operations including Possession Management and P/Way, Rail Welding, Signalling, and Track Warning Services.


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