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Forth Rail Bridge

“This was the first time the Semi-Automatic Track Warning System was used in Scotland, so thorough communication between all companies was essential.”
Ian Rhodes, Senior Project Manager

Services Delivered

The Amey CEFA team must climb and abseil across the complete structure, taking photographs and making detailed reports of any degradation or repairs required to maintain the Forth Rail Bridge. However, due to limited access issues to the bridge, Track Warning Services installed a SATWS so the Amey CEFA workers could gain safe and efficient access during the day without restricting trains with line blockages

Key Actions

  • Semi-Automatic Track Warning System (SATWS) installation, operation and decommission
  • The first time the SATWS has been utilised in Scotland
  • Increased worksite access and ALO safety across the works
TWS Forth Rail Bridge Project | Infrastructure Solutions



Forth Rail Bridge, RSS Infrastructure

Project Value


Forth Rail Bridge, RSS Infrastructure


Track Warning Services

Forth Rail Bridge, RSS Infrastructure

Project Duration

45 Weeks

Project Delivery

Amey CEFA holds the contract to carry out structural examinations of the Forth Rail Bridge. The RSSI TWS Department had previously delivered a Lookout Operated Warning System (LOWS) on the iconic Forth Rail Bridge in Scotland. However, following a Network Rail (NR) incident in Kirtlebridge, NR made the decision to ban the use of LOWS in Scotland. Due to the amount of traffic and the unsuitability of night shifts for the work being carried out, the programme began to slide.

RSSI was tasked with providing a treadle-based Track Warning Solution to enable Amey CEFA to continue to safely access the bridge. The TWS department decided on a SATWS, and the design process began in February with the site being installed in March.

Our Group HSQE Manager worked closely with the TWS department to produce NR-approved risk assessments. After months of communication between NR and the Edinburgh Signal Box, RSSI was given the go-ahead to deliver the SATWS.

This was the first time the SATWS was used in Scotland, so thorough communication between all companies was essential. All RSSI risk assessments were changed to NR formats. The SATWS installed was a safety enhancement over the LOWS system previously delivered due to automatic train announcements over human announcements. CEFA can now safely and efficiently access the bridge to carry out their examinations.

About Us

RSS Infrastructure provides multi-disciplinary infrastructure services for the rail, civil and utilities sectors. With offices in Birmingham, Cwmbran, and Doncaster, RSSI works with several clients, including Network Rail, WMCA, Midland Metro Alliance, HS2 as well as Tier 1 & 2 contractors. Services offered include; Arboriculture, Construction & Civils, Magnetic Track Safety, Possession Management, Rail Operations, Safety-Critical Resource, Signalling, Track Warning Services, and Welding.


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