RSS Infrastructure Support ‘My Whole Self’ Day

Bring your whole self to work – wherever that may be.

In 2020 we shouldn’t have to leave parts of our identity behind – be that our cultural or ethnic background, sexuality, or health – when we work. When we’re empowered to be our ‘whole self’ at work we can build deeper connections. This helps us to be more understanding of our colleagues, so we work better together, whether online or in person.

As more organisations switch to remote working, these human connections are more vital than ever. Working from home can feel isolating, so if your organisation is working remotely, ‘My Whole Self’ Day is a great way to strengthen your virtual relationships. We’ll be focusing the first phase My Whole Self on keeping people connected through online activities and sharing guidance to support employees experiencing anxiety, disconnectedness, or social isolation.

My Whole Self is a new campaign from Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England. They are calling on organisations to empower employees to bring their whole self to work. Whether online or in person, bringing your whole self to work is a mindset that is better for wellbeing and better for business.

The highest performing workplaces are supportive and inclusive. By putting diversity and inclusion at the centre of mental health and wellbeing, employers can create a culture where people can be themselves at work. This helps people to feel more engaged, to think bolder, find common ground, and work more effectively together.

Google’s landmark Aristotle study found that ‘psychological safety’ is one of five key elements that allows a team to excel. Teams that feel safe and connected work better together. To do this they need a working environment that allows them to be authentic and show their whole self.


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