“At RSS Infrastructure, our dedicated teams have extensive experience in Possession Management, including Possession Planning and Support, Isolation Planning and Support, Signalling & Telecom and Safety-Critical services. Our team are experts in access planning and can deliver works with minimum delay.”

John Byrne, Possession Planning Manager

We work with our client’s to improve safety, increase productivity and meet agreed objectives and timescales. Our Possession Management Team are experts in access planning and ensure clients can deliver their works on time and with minimum delay.

Possession Management Package

We offer a full Possession Management package to all clients supplemented by ad-hoc requirements for safe work packs, isolations, line blockages and individual worksite planning.

Clients can stay safe in the knowledge that all of our personnel have the required experience, relevant assessments and competence to meet the industry safety standards.

Network Rail is investing £50 billion to upgrade track, signalling and other systems across the network. Projects range from graffiti removal to significant track renewals, but all require careful planning and preparation.

RSS Infrastructure can support you in planning and managing Possessions as well as providing a range of support services across its divisions.

Possession Management Services

Our team has the expertise to:

  • Arrange and provide Temporary Visitor Permits (TVPs)
  • Assist in tender planning from an access perspective
  • Assist the project teams in R/G assessments
  • Attend all Pre-Possession Planning Meetings including the PICOP Briefing
  • Complete a Railway Business Case and Access & Resource Planning Change Request Forms (ARPCR) (DAFs) for late access requests or amendments
  • Complete all necessary possession documentation
  • Conduct daily checks of the PPS system to monitor possessions and worksite applications
  • Create and manage an SWP paperwork system
  • Create Engineering Access Possession applications into Network Rail’s Possession Planning System (PPS)
  • General liaison with Network Rail
  • Identify and eradicate any worksite conflicts
  • Manage any cancellations
  • Plan and input of Line Blockages to be published in the Weekly Operating Notice (WON)
  • Plan isolations (where possessions, isolations or both), make requests and ensure compliance and paperwork completed
  • Produce a Possession Plan (Access Tracker)
  • Provide additional site visits to confirm relevant information
  • Submit line blockage applications via the GZAC
  • Weekly updates on worksite status and future access

Possession Management Package

Our Possession Management package for clients includes:

  • Safe Work Managers
  • Safe Work Leaders 1 & 2
  • Engineering Supervisors
  • Controller of Site Safety
  • Level Crossing Attendants
  • Points Operators
  • Protection Controller

Possession Management

  • Possession Planners
  • Safe Work Planners
  • Possession Support Staff


  • Nominated Persons
  • Isolation Planners
  • Appointed Persons
  • Earthing Assistants
  • OLEC 1, 2 & 3

Additional Support

To further support your project or work site, RSS Infrastructure can also deliver the following competencies as required:

  • COSS
  • Lookout/Site Warden
  • Hot Weather Track Patroller
  • Site Access Controller
  • Site Supervisor
  • Protection Controller
  • PTS Track-worker
  • Crane Controller
  • Engineering Supervisor
  • Hand Signalman
  • Machine Controller
  • Points Operator
  • Stressing Op Level 1
  • Stressing Op Level 2
  • Tandem Lift Crane Controller
  • Handback Engineer

Contact Possession Management Team

For more information on Possession Management, Possession Planning & Support and Isolations, please contact John Byrne.

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Meet the Expert

John Byrne
Possession Planning Manager

RSS Infrastructure's Possession Planning Manager, John Byrne, is in charge of Possession Planning and Isolations. He has a lot of experience in Possession Management. John has extensive railway experience in senior management roles, having worked on a variety of Network Rail and PC contracts, frameworks, and projects within the UK rail industry.

Meet the Expert
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Experts in access planning, possessions and isolations

RSS Infrastructure can provide Possession and Isolation Planning and Support, Signalling & Telecom and Safety-Critical services.

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“RSSI personnel who worked to recover the IBJ’s were faultless and brilliant guys to work with, they are a credit to the S&T division at RSSI.”

Brian Watterson – Signalling Supervisor Phase 5 at S&C North Alliance

“RSSI personnel who were involved with the works at Northam had to work through some of the worst weather conditions I have seen and continued to keep spirits high and had a fantastic work attitude allowing for the project to continue.”

Chris Courtenay – Signalling Supervisor (Infrastructure) for Colas Rail

“I would like to thank RSS for their work so far on the blockade at Northam, they have been great.”

Andrew Woolliss – Project Engineer (Wessex) S&C – Infrastructure

“Thanks to RSSI we are on top of all movements every day with nothing outstanding. ”

Ryan Steel – Field Engineer (OLE England) at Amey

“RSSI assisted in the cable running shifts, preparation work including changeovers of the 8 x track circuits and the 10c, 27c and 4 x 48c lineside cables. Their quality of work, attitude and work ethic has been absolutely spot on. ”

Dan Palmer – Installation and Construction Engineer at Carillion Signalling

“Being able to work during the day with trains still running is fantastic for team fatigue. The use of an ATWS installed for the duration makes the job even safer and removes the need for Lookouts. Thanks to the guys from RSSI for installing and managing for us.”

Robert Woods – Senior Project Manager at Amey

“The RSSI personnel who worked on the Bilston Road Track Renewal project have been exceptional and played a major part in ensuring the works were completed on time and to budget.”

Paul Brown – Project Director for Midland Metro Alliance

“The RSSI Arboriculture Team did a great job in completing the job safely and efficiently as planned. The feedback from my site supervisor was very good, he said that all exclusion zone were enforced and adhered to and appropriate PPE was used for the task. ”

Ameer Ibrahim – Senior Project Manager for Colas

“The De-Veg works that the Arboriculture team undertook was to a very high standard, the site looks 100% better and everybody my end is really happy with the service you provided. ”

Jamie Gibbons – Site Manager for S&C Alliance

“I have had a good walk along the fence line and I am very happy with the work carried out. All the over hanging trees and Limbs have been removed. Very good work. ”

Mike Gibson – Terminal Manager for Associated British Ports

Infrastructure Solutions

  • Overhead Line Electrification (OLE)
  • Track Warning Services
  • Welding
  • Signalling Services
  • Resource & Recruitment
  • Recruitment
  • Construction & Civils
  • Magnetic Track Safety Solutions
  • Track Access & Lighting
  • Vegetation Management
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