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Job 13 CVL Project

“The teams carried out the work scope seamlessly, on time and to programme.”
Daniel James, Project Lead, Amey Infrastructure Wales

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The Arboriculture Division of RSSI led an 8-week long project for clients Transport for Wales/Amey Infrastructure Wales (TFW/AIW). The project, worth £82,510, was part of TFW’s transformation of the Core Valley Lines in South Wales aimed at modernising, electrifying, and improving passenger services to and from Cardiff. The main challenge faced was vegetation interfering with the erection of Overhead Line Equipment (OLE) and the electrification of overhead cables due to close proximity of lineside trees.

Key Actions

  • Assessment of the vegetation preventing the OLE erection and cable electrification.
  • Comprehensive vegetation management to clear the interfering vegetation.
  • Implementing safety measures during the operation.
  • Delivering the project within the stipulated time and budget.
Vegetation Management and Clearance | Managed Environments | RSS Infrastructure


Core Valley Lines

Project Value




Project Duration

8 Weeks

Project Delivery

RSSI’s Arboriculture Division, under the guidance of Head of Arboriculture, Graham Talbot, carried out the work on behalf of Amey Infrastructure Wales. Their task was to tackle the issue of vegetation that was obstructing the erection of OLE and the electrification process of overhead cables. This issue had been identified in the scope of the Core Valley Lines project programme, and resolving it was key to the ongoing modernisation and electrification efforts of the railway lines.

The Arboriculture team undertook the task of carefully clearing the vegetation in proximity to the lineside trees.

Safety measures were put into place to ensure a safe and productive working environment, while attention was given to delivering the project within the outlined schedule and budget.

The Arboriculture Division’s efficient approach resulted in seamless project execution, successfully mitigating the vegetation problem, allowing for the erection of the OLE and electrification of the cables. The project was completed within the 8-week timeframe, with no significant delays or cost overruns, thus contributing to the overall progress of the Core Valley Lines project.


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