Choose NPTC and LANTRA approved arborists on your infrastructure project

Choose NPTC and LANTRA-approved arborists on your next project

One way to ensure that you have skilled and qualified professionals working on your next large infrastructure project is to choose NPTC and LANTRA-approved arborists. As a professional manager in the infrastructure sector, you understand the importance of ensuring that all aspects of a project are completed safely and effectively. When it comes to tree-related work, it is crucial to have the proper qualifications and expertise to ensure that the trees are handled with care and that any necessary work is completed safely for both the workers and the environment.

Who are the National Proficiency Tests Council (NPTC)?

The National Proficiency Tests Council (NPTC) is a leading provider of qualifications and assessments in the land-based and environmental industries. They offer a range of arboriculture qualifications that cover a wide range of tree-related topics, including tree identification, tree inspection, tree climbing, and chainsaw use. Employers and industry bodies recognise these qualifications as a mark of professionalism and expertise.

Who is LANTRA?

LANTRA is another respected organisation that provides training and qualifications in the land-based and environmental sectors. They offer various arboriculture courses, including tree identification, inspection, and tree work. Like NPTC, LANTRA qualifications are recognised by employers and industry bodies as a mark of expertise in the field.

By choosing NPTC and LANTRA-approved arborists for your next large infrastructure project, you can be confident that you are working with professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to safely and effectively complete tree-related tasks.

Key Reasons to Choose Approved Arborists

Here are four key reasons why it is important to choose NPTC and LANTRA-approved arborists:

Expertise and qualifications: Both NPTC and LANTRA have rigorous standards for approving professionals in the arboriculture industry. To become NPTC-approved, arborists must complete a series of tests and assessments to demonstrate their knowledge and skills. LANTRA also requires professionals to meet certain standards and qualifications before approval. By choosing NPTC and LANTRA-approved arborists, you can be confident that you are working with professionals with the expertise and qualifications to complete the work safely and effectively.

Safety: Ensuring the safety of all workers on your infrastructure project is a top priority. Rope access trained arborists have the knowledge and skills to identify and mitigate potential hazards related to trees and vegetation. This can help to prevent accidents and injuries on the job site.

Professionalism: NPTC and LANTRA-approved arborists are committed to upholding the highest standards of professionalism in their work. They are trained to work efficiently and effectively, and they will follow all relevant safety and environmental regulations. This can help ensure your infrastructure project is completed on time and to the required standard.

Reputation: Choosing NPTC and LANTRA-approved arborists can help enhance your infrastructure project’s reputation. These organizations are widely recognized as leaders in the arboriculture industry. Their approval is a testament to the professionalism and expertise of the arborists you work with.

Protecting the Environment

In addition to the safety and efficiency benefits, choosing NPTC and LANTRA-approved arborists can also help to protect the environment. Trees play a vital role in our ecosystems, providing various benefits, including air filtration, wildlife habitat, and erosion control. By working with professionals trained in proper tree care techniques, you can ensure that any necessary tree work is completed in a way that minimises harm to the trees and the surrounding environment.


In conclusion, choosing NPTC and LANTRA-approved arborists for your infrastructure project is an important decision that can help ensure your project’s safety, professionalism, and reputation. By working with professionals with the knowledge, skills, and qualifications to do the job safely and effectively, you can be confident that your project will be completed to the highest standard while protecting the environment.


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