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Why choose RSSI for your next Automatic Track Warning System (ATWS)?

RSS Infrastructure provides an Automatic Track Warning System (ATWS) solution that is second to none. With our cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art features, you can trust RSS Infrastructure to deliver a reliable, efficient ATWS system tailored to your needs. Our wide range of products and services allows us to provide solutions as unique as the individual scenarios they are designed for – no matter what kind of environment or complexity your project requires!

Automatic Track Warning System to protect worksites

Automatic Track Warning System (ATWS) solutions help maintain and protect worksites which can be large and noisy. These solutions provide high levels of safety while ensuring the material and costs remain lower. RSS Infrastructure (RSSI) is the ideal partner for these solutions, offering increased flexibility with its warning systems and reliable, highly available and proven technology.

Manage complex worksite conditions

RSSI Track Warning Services division provides a wide range of applications to help manage complex worksite conditions with many participants with different requirements. An experienced team performs site design, planning and installation to ensure that warning devices are installed effectively to maximise safety. The installed protection is easily noticeable and helps reduce outages, providing efficient safety for the worksite.

Remove the potential for human error

Network Rail is moving towards permanent and semi-permanent ATWS installations at critical sites across the rail infrastructure. There is a concerted effort to move away from LOWS. This is due to the reliance on a lookout and the potential for human error. LOWS is being replaced in many locations by Track Warning Systems, which provide a much-needed increase in safety and efficiency.

Optimised for maximum performance and reliability

RSSI Track Warning Services division provides innovative solutions to customers that need to protect workers from potential dangers at the worksite. RSSI’s expertise in warning systems will help ensure maximum safety for those working on or near busy networks and complex sites. The company’s track warning systems are tailored and can be modified to suit customers’ needs, ensuring that each installation is optimised for maximum performance and reliability.

Maintenance and support for existing installations

RSSI Track Warning Services division also provides maintenance and support for existing installations ensuring that the installed system will operate at its best for an extended period. RSSI also provides installers with continuous training to maintain maximum safety.

Effective Track Warning Systems solutions

RSSI has the expertise to provide customers with an effective Track Warning Systems solution that meets their needs, helping them achieve greater safety for those working on their sites. The company’s team of experts will design and install a system to meet the customer’s specific needs, ensuring the installation is reliable, comprehensive and practical.

David Hodkinson, Head of Track Warning Services, commented, “Ongoing support and maintenance ensure our systems are up-to-date and running at maximum efficiency. With our expertise in warning systems, we can ensure maximum safety for those working on protected worksites. RSSI is the ideal partner for ATWS solutions and offers unparalleled expertise and reliability. Together, we can help ensure your worksite remains safe and secure.”

In Summary

RSSI Track Warning Services provides innovative solutions tailored to customer needs, ensuring maximum worksite safety and efficiency. Their experienced installers can help design and plan a system that meets the specific requirements of each project while providing ongoing maintenance and training to ensure reliability.

With RSSI’s expertise in warning systems, customers can be confident their site is safe and secure with effective track warning system solutions. If you are looking for an ATWS solution or have any questions about how RSSI can help protect your worksite, contact us today!


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