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Excellence in Sustainable Practices

RSS Infrastructure aims to enhance Britain’s economic and social well-being through engagement with clients, colleagues, and communities. The Supply Chain Sustainability School has awarded the company the “GOLD” standard for excellence in sustainable business practices.

Our Vision for the Future

At RSS Infrastructure, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword – it’s at the heart of our vision for the future. We understand that our operations affect the environment, economy, people, and communities around us. That’s why we strive to make sure our work is not only profitable but sustainable too.

Sustainability, RSS Infrastructure
Sustainability, RSS Infrastructure

Commitment to Sustainable Practices

To do this, we engage with clients, colleagues, and those in the local community to ensure our operations are aligned with their needs. And, through achieving Supply Chain Sustainability School GOLD standard recognition, we demonstrate that commitment to sustainable practices across all areas – from materials to transport and waste disposal – and supporting the local community.

Embracing Technology

We don’t stop there; sustainability is a journey, not a destination. To continue improving our practices, we have an in-house sustainability team looking for ways to reduce environmental impact and costs further. Additionally, when it comes to our client’s projects, we use innovative technologies such as hybrid generators and battery-operated equipment like a chainsaw to reduce environmental impact and improve the quality of life near sites.

Sustainability, RSS Infrastructure
Sustainability, RSS Infrastructure

Focusing on Sustainability

At RSS Infrastructure, sustainability is more than just a goal; it’s essential for our future. We’re continuously striving for excellence in sustainable business practices by engaging with stakeholders, supporting local charities and organisations, providing training opportunities for locals, and using innovative technologies that minimise environmental footprints. Working together ensures that everyone benefits from a more sustainable future.

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