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Social Value

Making a Positive Contribution

As a company that provides engineering services within the rail, civils and construction sectors, RSS Infrastructure is committed to creating social value by providing training opportunities for individuals from underrepresented groups. We aim to give people from disadvantaged backgrounds, ex-military personnel, ex-offenders, and homeless people a chance to start a fulfilling career within these industries.

We understand the potential that lies within untapped talent from underrepresented groups, and we’re passionate about providing these individuals with the necessary skills and training to kick-start their careers. By working in partnership with local charities and organisations, we want to give these individuals the opportunity to build a long and rewarding career within industries that have the potential to offer both personal and financial growth.

Specialist Training Programmes

Our training programmes offer a wide range of skill sets, including track induction, track safety, Personal Track Safety (PTS), and construction skills certification. These certifications improve employability and offer the necessary skills and qualifications for career advancement within the industry.

Underrepresented Groups

We also understand that individuals from underrepresented groups may face additional barriers to employment. We work closely with the charities who are providing extra support to help them overcome these challenges. We can help individuals develop soft skills such as communication and teamwork through training.

Positive Impact on Individuals

The success stories of individuals who have completed our training programmes and started successful careers within the rail and construction sectors are evidence of the positive impact of our work. These individuals often come from unemployment, homelessness, or being in the criminal justice system. They have successfully turned their lives around through the opportunities provided by RSS Infrastructure through AEB-funded courses supported by the West Midlands Combined Authority.

Diverse and Skilled Workforce

We’re proud that our focus on social value benefits the individuals who receive training and employment opportunities and the wider community. By providing employment opportunities and training to individuals from underrepresented groups, we’re contributing to the development of a diverse and skilled workforce, which in turn strengthens the industry and the economy as a whole.

Our Commitment to Social Value

In conclusion, RSS Infrastructure is committed to creating social value by providing training and employment opportunities for individuals from underrepresented groups. By providing these opportunities, we can make a positive difference in the lives of those who benefit from our programmes. Through our partnerships with local charities and organisations, we’re building a pipeline of skilled workers and contributing to a more diverse and inclusive industry.

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