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HILTI ONTrack! Asset Tracking Software is being used by RSS Infrastructure Signalling teams

Signalling Invests in Asset Tracking Software

Recently, we spoke with Victor Heath, RSS Infrastructure’s Head of Signalling, about the department’s investment in HILTI’s asset tracking software. “I was very interested in learning how to use HILTI’s ON!Track technology to successfully track and manage your equipment. We requested a demonstration of the system to receive information quickly on your mobile device or desktop with ON!Track sounded ideal.”

George Powell, Rail Specialist at HILTI, spoke to us about the asset tracking software in more detail – “When we were developing the system, it became clear that a combination of technology, software, and support is required for businesses to implement an effective digital asset management solution. The HILTI system is designed to help you manage your tools with a combination of worksite-tested passive and active tags and labels, simple cloud-based software, and full servicing and support.”

Track asset management system

The rail and construction industries require a track asset management system. Anyone who has been out on the track understands how difficult it is to keep track of what equipment you have and who is using it. You can find out where it is and how long it has been using the system. This is ideal for double-checking your inventory before leaving the site to verify you haven’t given any equipment to a colleague or left it lineside.

Sean Harrison, Managing Director of RSS Infrastructure, said, “It’s easier for us to keep track of tools, equipment, plant, asset costs and materials with ON!Track. It helps us keep projects on schedule and profitable and ensure tools are maintained and fully compliant.”

Measure tool performance and calibration

One of the unique features of the HILTI ON!Track asset tracking software is that it can track the performance and calibration of the tools and notify the user if they are out of specification and need to be sent in for re-calibration or service.

All equipment has an ON!Track Bluetooth smart tag, which can be applied to any assets in your inventory. Once you have completed an inventory of your equipment on the app it will check and compare the assets within the vicinity to what it expects to see. The app sends a signal out every ten minutes so you can see the last place it ‘pinged’ your phone or tablet.

Transfer Assets Easily

One key feature is the ability to transfer an asset from one person to another when out on-site. For example, if you left an expensive tool with a colleague because you had finished your shift, but they still needed it, you can electronically transfer it using the app.

The HILTI ON!Track asset tracking software can track the performance and calibration of the tools. It will warn the user if they are out of specification and it needs to be sent in for re-calibration or servicing, which is one of the software’s unique features.

Bluetooth Smart Tags

The system uses Bluetooth technology. The system is built on Bluetooth sensor tags with an IP67 durability rating, suitable for tough workplace situations.

The app will check via Bluetooth and compare the assets in the immediate area to the initial inventory of your equipment on the app. Every ten minutes, the application sends out a Bluetooth signal so you can see where it last ‘pinged’ your phone or tablet.

A key feature is a capacity to transfer an asset from one person to another while on-site. For example, if you have finished your shift and lent an expensive tool to a co-worker, but they require it, you can digitally transfer it using the app (which can be installed on a smartphone or tablet).

Manage Equipment and Minimise Loss

Vic Heath, Head of Signalling, commented, “We can gain more visibility and control of our tools and plant by tracking any asset using smart tags, regardless of the manufacturer. We can minimise downtime and enhance productivity by ensuring we have the right tools in the right place. The Bluetooth technology also helps by optimising utilisation, allocating responsibility, and minimising loss, theft, and equipment hoarding.”

Track Consumables & PPE

The system keeps track of the availability of consumables like spare batteries, PPE, and other safety equipment in your inventory. It helps you keep your business functioning while controlling costs by providing simple inventory inspections, allocation management, and reporting.

Protect Workers and Remain Compliant

Another benefit is that you may keep digital records of safety and training certifications. Alerts and reports generated by the system assist in properly managing audits and ensuring that job sites remain compliant, safe, and productive.

Track Maintenance to Stay Compliant

Another advantage is it is easier to track maintenance because you can digitally store service, maintenance, calibration, and certification records and set proactive alerts to keep you compliant.

Manage Asset Costs and Utilisation

With customised reports by worksite, project, and period, the system makes managing asset costs easier, monitoring internal cost allocation, and utilising tool crib.

Direct Support for Repairs and Maintenance

One of the main reasons for purchasing directly from HILTI and investing in the asset tracking software system was to reduce downtime and cost and take advantage of the equipment replacement insurance.

Sean Harrison, Managing Director of RSSI, commented, “During our discussions with HILTI, it became clear that if equipment needed to be replaced, we could achieve faster turnarounds by dealing with them directly. Monitoring equipment to ensure it stayed within limits and providing advance notice of servicing were also important factors. Investing in the equipment and tracking software together made sense, especially with the Bluetooth asset tracking to reduce loss.”

You can find out more about the ON!Track system on the HILTI website

About Signalling

The Signalling division at RSS Infrastructure has a wide range of skills and experience, allowing us to focus on all aspects of signalling. Delivery, installation, IRSE licencing and assessment, project management, S&C, and G110 support are all tasks we can help with. The Signalling team can provide high-end support or project delivery at a fixed price.

Contact Victor Heath, Head of Signalling, on 0330 113 004 today if you have questions about a Signalling or multi-service project.


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