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Case Study: Shaunna O’Reilly

Case Study: Shaunna O’Reilly


What were you doing before joining RSS Infrastructure (RSSI)?

I was working in construction, when I saw people working in the rail industry from afar. I quickly became interested in this route of employment, but was unsure of how to delve into this line of work. Luckily, I had a contact who had gone through training with INFRA Skills, and they pointed me in the right direction.

What have you achieved since joining RSSI?

Since working with RSSI I have never looked back, having partaken in various training courses to expand my qualifications and skills. Although I did my apprenticeship externally, I repeated my PTS with INFRA Skills. Since then I have taken part in numerous courses to advance my skills even further including; lookout, Points Operator, LXA, safe works leader and a COSS course.
I am currently working on the Gwep Project, supervising the de-veg team for the next 10 weeks.

How have RSSI supported you?

I have been diagnosed with dyslexia and also Asperger’s, this didn’t faze the training staff who were more than willing to assist me with any extra help or support. This meant assistance with reading, as well as general support and advice from the staff, even after I had completed training.

I really enjoy working in the industry because of the versatility of the people you come across, no two people being the same. I would love to see more women working in the rail industry and it’s great to see RSSI trying to achieve this.

What are you plans for the future?

I am currently qualified as a COSS, Machine Controller Slinger and a Crane Controller and now I am planning to complete my training to become an Engineering Supervisor. To do so, I hope to gain the best understanding possible of the areas I would be overseeing in this role, and plan to undertake more training, gaining valuable knowledge which will help me in the future.

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RSS Infrastructure (RSSI), based in Birmingham, Cwmbran, and Doncaster, provides infrastructure services for the rail, civil, and utilities sectors. They serve clients like Network Rail, WMCA, HS2 and Tier 1 & 2 contractors. Their services include Arboriculture, Civils and Construction, Geofencing, Industrial Rope Access (IRATA), Magnetic Track Safety, Rail Operations including Possession Management and P/Way, Rail Welding, Signalling, and Track Warning Services.

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