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RSSI Completes Drainage Repair for Colas Rail

RSSI Completes Drainage Repair for Colas Rail

RSS Infrastructure (RSSI), a subsidiary of Auctus Management Group, are proud to announce that they have successfully completed drainage repair works as part of the ‘North / South Reduction Journey Time’ project for Colas Rail in Pulford.

RSSI personnel began work on the 27th February and identified that due to excessive amounts of vegetation, as well as the poor condition of the current trench, water was flowing from the catch pits into the existing ditch resulting in extensive flood damage that was affecting the ‘Trackside Neighbours’ field.

Due to the location of the works, it was necessary for RSSI operatives to meticulously remove by hand the vegetation that was blocking the drainage duct and install a concrete sheet over the existing brickwork and drainage. The extensive deterioration of the existing ditch meant that operatives were required to excavate a V-ditch to manage the flow of water from the head-wall to the brook as well as install a concrete canvas.

To stem the stream of water from entering and damaging the nearby field, the area around the brickwork was filled with clean ballast which acted as a French drain. This, in turn, allowed the water from the field culvert to flow directly into the V-ditch. This innovative solution removed the need for a chamber/access, as the majority of water would flow over the canvas and any that is not collected would be redirected by the drainage below.

Ultimately, this method helped to reduce resource costs and ensured that the project was completed by the 10th March.


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