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RSSI Achieves ‘GOLD’ Standard for Supply Chain Sustainability

RSS Infrastructure (RSSI), a leading provider of services to infrastructure businesses across the UK, recently received the esteemed “GOLD” standard from Supply Chain Sustainability School. This organisation awards excellence in sustainable business practices.

Every year, the infrastructure sector is estimated to produce 720 million tonnes of building, demolition, and excavation waste in the UK. RSS Infrastructure (RSSI) sees this challenge as a great chance to cooperate with the Supply Chain Sustainability School to reinforce its commitment to lowering the environmental impact of both the industry and the business through its target of ZERO waste by 2025.

The Supply Chain Sustainability School provided an abundance of e-learning modules, training sessions, and supporting resources tailored to the infrastructure sector.

Supply Chain Sustainability, RSS Infrastructure

RSSI understands the importance of sustainability in today’s world. Indeed, they have worked tirelessly to ensure that their processes and practices are as environmentally responsible and cost-effective as possible. And their efforts paid off when they were recently awarded the “GOLD” standard from Supply Chain Sustainability School – an acknowledgement of their continued excellence in working towards a fully sustainable business model.

RSSI collaborates with suppliers to incorporate the school’s recommendations, which has helped encourage wider industry adoption of important sustainability practices to meet the UK Government’s carbon-emission objectives.

RSSI adjusted its operating plan to incorporate ultra-low sulphur fuels, establish car charging facilities and use electric/battery-powered equipment, where possible, to cut emissions even further.

To demonstrate its dedication to sustainable resources, the project delivery teams invested in site lighting, which consumes just 66% of the energy required by similar fluorescent lighting, resulting in fewer generators and improved fuel economy.

The resources in the school’s “Waste and Resource Efficiency” module gave RSSI the underpinning knowledge they required to establish a “Site Waste Management Plan” to assist them in reaching ZERO waste. Teams recycle all materials wherever feasible as part of their project plans.

Sean Harrison, MD of RSSI, had this to say about the achievement: “We are delighted to receive the Gold Standard for Supply Chain Sustainability. This recognition is a tribute to our workforce who have embraced new ideas and processes. By working together with our staff and our partners we have shown that supply chain sustainability can be a key driver of business success.”

David White, Group HSQE Manager, led the project and worked closely with the Bid team and the Supply Chain Sustainability School.

“Our goal is to maintain our focus on creating a sustainable built environment that everyone can enjoy for generations to come by using the school’s expertise.”

“We worked closely with the school, and they assisted us in establishing our vision through eight guiding principles that guide our decision-making and establish a set of values that are shared by all our teams and leadership groups.”

RSSI is committed to finding new and innovative ways to contribute positively to our planet and its people – both in their operations and the services they provide for its clients. And this latest achievement in collaboration with the Supply Chain Sustainability School shows that their hard work and determination are paying off for the environment and RSSI’s continued growth.

“As a business we would encourage everyone to learn more about the Supply Chain Sustainability School and how they support businesses to achieve their sustainability goals.”

Sean Harrison, MD, RSSI

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