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RSSI Supports ‘Stop Make A Change’ Safety Campaign

RSSI Supports ‘Stop Make A Change’ Safety Campaign


RSS Infrastructure (RSSI), a subsidiary of Auctus Management Group, are proud to announce that they are supporting the ‘Stop Make A Change’ campaign for 2017.

60,000 people from across UK infrastructure will join forces today to help drive better health, safety and wellbeing in the sector. More than 1,000 sites, office and production facilities across the country will today take part in Stop. Make a Change, a cross-industry stand-down to tackle some of the key health & safety challenges faced by the sector. It is thought that this is the largest stand-down event ever undertaken in the UK construction sector.

The RSSI brand name has become synonymous within the industry for both Trackside Safety Services and Track Warning Systems (TWS). To ensure our clients receive the highest level of appropriate protection, the company has developed a TWS product range that includes: Safe Turn Alert System™, Collision Avoidance System™, Indoor / Outdoor Shop Door Detection System™, Lookout Operated Warning Systems (LOWS), Semi-Automatic Track Warning Systems (SATWS) and Automatic Track Warning Systems (ATWS). These systems have helped to ensure that both RSS and its clients can meet the Network Rail mandate of ‘Everyone Home Safe Everyday’, whilst reducing resource costs and increasing levels of productivity and efficiency.


RSSI has also become the first in the UK rail sector to integrate DAWS into its fleet, which is used to transport safety critical and contingent labour to rail engineering & construction sites across the UK. The move was sparked by increasing industry concerns over the transportation of workers to site. The warning system is a dash-mounted device, which focuses on the driver’s retina and measures their ‘blinking pattern’, sounding audible warnings if signs of drowsiness or inattention are detected. In conjunction with DAWS, the RSSI fleet of Mercedes Benz vehicles have been equipped with a market-leading armoury of safety features, including electronic stability, brake assistance, parking sensors and flashing hazard warning lights, which react automatically under emergency braking.

The vehicles have also been fitted with the latest telematics to monitor drivers speed, location, braking, fuel consumption, mileage and emissions as well as real-time traffic updates, out of hours/unauthorised vehicle use and excessive driver hours’ alerts.


The company has also conducted extensive research into the causes of accidents/incidents involving vehicles. The research found that there is an industry wide issue relating to team members, both passengers and drivers, not using their seatbelt when in a moving vehicle, leading to a large number of fatalities each year.

The company is helping to raise awareness for the importance of wearing a seat belt by deploying new seat belt covers into every vehicle. The covers have been constructed out of the same high-visibility material used for Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE). The rationale for this is firstly symbolic as it demonstrates to the person getting into the vehicle that the seat belt, as with the PPE clothing, is there to help protect and save lives. Furthermore, the reflective nature of the material acts as a reminder when in a low visibility environment that the seatbelts have been fitted and are available for use. The vivid colour and reflective material of the seatbelt covers also helps to advertise their use to other colleagues and the wider public, which will hopefully result in usage levels increasing within the wider driving community and ultimately reduce injuries by reminding people that ‘SEAT BELTS SAVE LIVES.’


These initiatives will improve safety within the industry and ensure that the guiding principles behind Network Rail’s ‘Life-saving Rules’ are met to ensure that ‘Everyone [returns] Home Safe Everyday’.

To discover more on how RSSI can increase safety for your workforce visit our services section by clicking here. For more information on the ‘Stop Make A Change’ safety initiative to promote health and wellbeing within infrastructure click here.

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