RSS Infrastructure Become Utility Approved Contractor

RSS Infrastructure have been awarded the ‘Utility Approved Contractor’ accreditation from The Arboriculture Association.

The Arboriculture Association was founded in 1964 as a scientific and educational organisation, keen to promote the care and value of trees in no forest settings. The passion for trees shown by their founders then continues to exist in their Board and members today. Trees make a difference to the world in which we live. To our health, our well-being and our environment.

The Utility Approved Contractor scheme, seeks to supplement existing compliance standards, e.g. RISQs for the Rail network, but is assessed by arboricultural utility industry specialists and hence adds value to the process. Utility Approved Contractor status can be achieved by undertaking an annual assessment and audit taking account of supporting procedures, on site activities, staff and associated technical knowledge, compliance with industry technical standards and standard/quality of completed works (by reference to BS 3998: 2010 – Recommendations for Tree Work where relevant.)

Graham Talbot, Head of Vegetation Management holding the Arboriculture Association Utility Approved Contractor certificate


RSS Infrastructure Ltd is proud to be part of the Arboriculture Association member community.

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