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RDW2019 Case Study: Dave Massingham

RDW2019 Case Study: Dave Massingham


What Is Your Job Role at Auctus Management Group and What Does It Entail?

“I am the EDI Project Delivery Manager for Auctus Management Group and all subsidiary businesses. My role is to train and develop internal staff to further their knowledge and understanding of inclusion in the workplace, as well as developing partnerships with other companies local and nationwide, supporting the bid writing processes, keeping the business up-to-date with any new legislations and representing the business with clients and at corporate and networking events.”


How Has The Organisation Progressed Since You First Joined?

“Since I joined in 2017, the company has grown quite a lot, for a start we relocated to our new Birmingham based Headquarters last year which now boasts a larger premises, better accessibility and space for new opportunities and avenues. One major difference I have noticed is that the workforce has become more diverse and always conscious of going that extra mile, which is fantastic to see.

And it is not just contact wins that has helped the company grow, the group and subsidiary businesses have won over 5 prestigious awards for their work on employee progression and safety, awards that include Network Rail’s ‘SME of The Year’, Education Award’s ‘Proactive Educational Provider of an Apprenticeship Programme’ and Rail Business Awards ‘Safety and Security Excellence’. With help of our Disability Confident and Employee Networking for Equality and Inclusion (ENEI) accreditations, we as a company have become a more visible and attractive company to work for or to work alongside, which has definitely become a factor with our recent contract and award wins.”


How Have The Company Supported Your Plans To Embed EDI Throughout The Business?

“Equality & Diversity is driven from the top. If your CEO, Director or upper management doesn’t fully embrace the ideals and importance of EDI, then it is very hard to get the necessary changes made within the office or organisation to support that framework. Fortunately, Auctus Management Group and its subsidiary businesses RSS Infrastructure and INFRA Skills are run by very supportive and progressive minded upper management, so usually any ideas the EDI Steering Group suggest are not only welcomed, but supported fully.


How Does The Company Encourage Equality & Diversity In The Workplace?

“As of last year, all employees who start work for the company, whether office based, an apprentice or a contracted worker, will now undertake our new company induction that has included EDI and Mental Health awareness sections.

We introduced this procedure after presenting a half day ‘Equality & Diversity in the Workplace’ seminar/training session that all staff members including the CEO & Directors attended. These sessions were embraced by all with attendees commenting on how it has opened their eyes and possibly changed their views to the potential issues and stigma people can face in the workplace environment.”


What Do You Think The Benefits Are Of Having A Diverse Workforce?

“Statistics have shown that having a diverse workforce creates a more productive and happier environment, by comparing ONS data with the diversity policies of 517 UK workplaces, the statistics found that firms with the most developed diversity policies are 15 percentage points more likely to financially outperform those with less of a diversity focus. Also, the UK’s most diverse workplaces are 12 percentage points more likely to financially outperform their industry average than the least diverse firms.”


AMG Have Recently Become A ‘Disability Confident Leader’, What Does That Involve?

“The Disability Confident scheme supports employers to make the most of the talents disabled people can bring to the workplace, and so far over 13,000 organisations have now signed up, so it proves we are all heading in the right direction when it comes to being more inclusive with our attitudes and hiring policies for all people, no matter their age, gender, nationality or in the Disability Confidents’ case; disability.

Everyone at the company has worked tirelessly at making sure our policies, processes and procedures are inclusive as can be, and that no person is overlooked or discriminated against. More than ever, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion has become increasingly important to businesses as they try to attract and retain talented people to deliver the best services for their customers, being able to achieve and demonstrate a diverse workforce makes great business and ethical sense.”


How Does AMG Support Staff and Visitors Who Have A Disability or Impairment?

“Our Birmingham Headquarters was originally constructed to be a fully accessible building, with clear signage, spacious access and ramps into the entrance and hearing loops installed in key areas, factors like this was high on our list when we were looking for a new building last year.

That being said, there is always room for improvement and we will make reasonable adjustments to support our ever-expanding workforce and their potential needs.”


What Plans Do You Have In Place For The Future, To Develop AMG’s EDI Strategy Further?

“We currently have a 3 year plan in place, in short we aim to progress and expand on our current initiatives, launch new schemes with other companies and aim to be at a stage where we can submit and win some more awards.

We know that to meet the challenges in an ever-expanding industry, and with an increasing aging workforce, the sector calls for organisations, companies and individuals who strive at bringing new and capable employees. Auctus Management Group is at the heart of this evolvement, with all Group companies determined to ensure that they build new strategies into their daily functions, where all people are treated with respect, treated equally and all have access to the same opportunities.”

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