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Tall Ships Event - Supporting the Armed Forces Community in Hartlepool

Armed Forces Champion Highlights at Hartlepool Maritime & Tall Ships Event

Hartlepool has found a champion in Michael Gallagher, the recently appointed Armed Forces representative for the region. Michael, who has shown his commitment to the veteran community time and time again, has taken it upon himself to ensure the town’s military heritage was honoured at the Tall Ships event.

From 6th to 9th July 2023, Hartlepool hosted an impressive fleet of Tall Ships. These beautiful, historic vessels are part of an international race that originates from the Netherlands and continues onto the Shetland Islands and, finally, Norway. A spectacle last witnessed in Hartlepool in 2010; the event celebrates the maritime world and the town’s rich naval history.

Champions for the Armed Forces

Ex-military man Michael Gallagher joined the weekend festivities, featuring various military-themed activities and displays alongside several local veteran organisations. Michaels’s participation was a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness for the Armed Forces community and its strong links to the maritime industry.

Supporting the Royal British Legion

A particular focus of Michaels’s work for the event has been ensuring the representation of the local branch of the Royal British Legion (RBL). The local RBL, which supports the Armed Forces community, initially struggled to secure a stand for the event due to financial constraints. Their initial plan was to set up a simple booth comprising two plastic chairs and a small desk.

However, Michael approached Sean Harrison, Managing Director of RSS Infrastructure, to fund the provision of a dual-branded gazebo for the RBL’s stand. The sight of the generous contribution left Sian Cameron, the RBL Chair Hartlepool, moved to tears, and brought an overwhelming sense of community support.

Inspiration and Leadership

Michael’s dedication to supporting local veterans and his active involvement at the Tall Ships event showcase the profound impact that individuals can make within their communities. His leadership in this endeavour has been truly inspiring, proving that every effort can make a significant difference, no matter how small.

He has documented the weekend’s events through photos, capturing the community spirit, maritime celebrations, and above all, the significant role of the Armed Forces community in Hartlepool.

In recognition of the invaluable support provided, Sian would like to express her deep gratitude to Sean and RSS Infrastructure, whose generosity made it possible for the RBL to have a significant presence at the Tall Ships event.

Celebrating the Success of the Tall Ships Event

After a successful Tall Ships event, we applaud Michael Gallagher and all those who have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to promote and support Hartlepool’s Armed Forces community. Their actions remind us of our shared history, the spirit of community, and the power of unity.

We invite all members of the community and local businesses to explore the Armed Forces Covenant. This national commitment ensures that those who serve or have served in the Armed Forces and their families are treated fairly and respectfully.

Promoting the Armed Forces Covenant

This pledge encourages businesses and charities to support the Armed Forces community in meaningful ways, ranging from employment support to discounts and services. By becoming a part of this noble initiative, businesses can contribute towards building a more inclusive and appreciative society for our veterans.

We’d also like to highlight the Royal British Legion (RBL), which tirelessly supports veterans and their families. Their work is a testament to the positive impact of community engagement. It reflects the spirit of gratitude and respect at the heart of the Armed Forces Covenant. So join us in making a difference? Every pledge counts in honouring and supporting those who have given so much to our nation.

Sign the Armed Forces Covenant


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