International Women’s Day Case Study: Gabriela Radu

International Women’s Day Case Study: Gabriela Radu

Gabriela Radu has been living in the UK now for around 8 years, having moved from Romania. Whilst living in Romania, Gabriela studied Medicine and qualified as a Doctor. She decided to move to the UK to further expand her knowledge and skills within a different working environment.

Joining RSS Infrastructure (RSSI) in 2019, she is now a full time Trainee Recruiter for the Construction and Civils department. Her main client currently is the Midland Metro Alliance (MMA), and as part of her role at RSSI she is responsible for payroll functions and looks after the candidate management for various projects (i.e Blue Collar Recruitment Registrations). Whilst working full time at RSSI, Gabriela is also studying a Business Management Degree. She finds that working alongside her studies helps her to understand the theoretical side of her degree, and put it into practice.

Since working for RSSI, Gabriela has gained an extensive knowledge of the rail sector and has gathered an abundance of experience within an admin-based role. She now feels confident in understanding what is needed to grow an account and increase profit margins. Gabriela has been given full training and mentoring, assisted by weekly one-to-one meetings with her line manager. Through her personal development plan, she has seen herself become more self-reliant and independent, now taking on a lot more responsibility within her department. Gabriela now takes full ownership of many important tasks and duties surrounding the recruitment within the Construction division.

“The experience I am gaining from my current job role will be key in helping me reach my future goals, which is to write a successful business plan and use this to build up a successful business of my own”

Gabriela is currently enjoying working within RSSI and feels she is gaining really valuable experience that will continue to benefit her in her future.

“For me I am uncertain of what the future holds and that can be quite daunting. I have not yet decided if I want to carry on within education once I have completed my degree, or what career aspirations I want to fulfil. I do know though, that the experience, knowledge and skills I am currently gaining through my training will put me in great position to develop my future career”.


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