Wembley North project uses pedestrian walkways

How Pedestrian Walkways Improve Site Safety

Pedestrian walkways are a valuable safety feature in the rail infrastructure. They offer workers a clear path to follow when navigating a worksite, as well as providing them with a position of safety. Furthermore, these walkways can help prevent workers from accidentally straying into hazardous areas or coming into contact with live rails or overhead wires.

At RSS Infrastructure, we have seen first-hand how pedestrian walkways can improve site safety. We have implemented these walkways on several of our projects, which have significantly reduced the risk of accidents. In addition to creating pedestrian walkways, we provide regular safety briefings and training for our workers to ensure their safety.

The Hidden Dangers of Slips, Trips, and Falls

Did you know that slip, trip, and fall injuries cost the UK almost £1 billion annually? These seemingly minor accidents are a major problem and the single most common cause of injuries in UK workplaces. In fact, during 2017/18–2019/20, an estimated 971,000 working days were lost due to slip, trip, and fall injuries. That’s nearly a million days of lost productivity and a significant financial burden on businesses.

Protect your Workforce and Your Business

The danger of slips, trips, and falls on worksites cannot be overstated. These accidents result in lost productivity and can cause severe injuries and even fatalities. In 2021/22, one fatal injury was caused by a slip, trip, or fall on the same level in Great Britain.

Take Preventative Measures

The reality is that these types of accidents are preventable. By implementing proper safety measures, businesses can significantly reduce the risk of slips, trips, and falls on their worksites. This includes ensuring that walkways are installed, working areas are kept clear of hazards, providing slip-resistant footwear, and installing safety barriers and guardrails where necessary.

Walkways Reduce the Risk of Accidents

Slips, trips, and falls may seem like minor accidents, but they can majorly impact businesses and individuals. The financial cost and lost productivity are significant, and the risk of injury or death is too great to ignore. As we move forward, it’s crucial that businesses prioritise the safety of their workers by implementing proper safety measures, like installing pedestrian walkways and taking proactive steps to prevent these incidents from occurring.

Regular Inspection of Walkways

Implementing pedestrian walkways is just one step towards improving site safety; it is essential to train workers to use them safely and regularly inspect and maintain them too. At RSS Infrastructure, we are committed to prioritising safety on all of our worksites by integrating safety measures into every aspect of our projects, from the planning stages to completion.


In conclusion, pedestrian walkways effectively improve site safety in the rail and construction sectors by providing workers with clear paths to follow, reducing the risk of accidents and preventing them from straying into hazardous areas. Regular inspection and maintenance ensure these pathways remain safe and effective.

Looking for Civils Expertise on Your Next Project?

Dave Bamford and his experienced Civils and Construction team at RSS Infrastructure have a wealth of knowledge in this field, including implementing pedestrian walkways which can significantly improve site safety. Get in touch to learn more about what they can do to help and ensure your project is as safe as possible.


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